Nashville short sales, Nashville MLS search, Nashville homes for sale, Franklin Tn homes for saleIn a word: NO. We keep hearing about people who think they can save money by acting as their own agent when purchasing a home. In truth, it will probably cost them more. Here’s why: For starters,...
It amazes me how agents will get their license and then do the minimal requirements for ongoing education. A great example is a guy that I work with in the office. He has never once taken ANY classes over the past 8 months. BTW, he has been in RE for 8 months.  Here are his stats; 1) Fudged his w...
Great information on why using an agent is WORTH your time...       Nashville short sales, Nashville MLS search, Nashville homes for sale, Franklin Tn homes for saleAre you thinking of selling your Schuylkill County Home FSBO -- by yourself? Marketing a home in 2010 is NOT the same as marketing i...
A year ago I was contacted by a family who needed help moving to Nashville TN. They emailed me because they had been reading blogs I had written (On AR) about the areas they were interested in. They had literally never even been to the state of Tennessee but wanted to raise a family in a place wh...
We recently had a listing appointment on a great house in a great neighborhood here in Nashville TN. The house itself is about 8 years old and the current owners have added a nice pool in the backyard.  My team went over to the house, we did the walkthrough of the home with the wife, and then we ...
You're in Vegas standing at a Roulette table and you see that the last 6 turns have landed on red. You throw $100 down on black. You cross your fingers and BOOM... It hits red again! "WHYYYYY???" "How could this happen to me??" "The odds were in my favor!!!".  Sure they were in your favor but it ...

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