nashville homes for sale: New Construction in East Nashville - 05/28/14 11:44 AM
East Nashville is one of the fastest growing areas in Nashville, TN. Many homes sell before they ever hit the market. The homes that do hit the market often don’t last more than 24 hours. Most buyers in the East Nashville market tend to get extremely frustrated when finding the perfect home. This is great for those on a budget. Building Masters, LLC is an incredible home builder and renovation group that is primarily focusing on the East Nashville area.
If you cannot find the perfect home in East Nashville then your are in luck. Take a look at 329 Grace … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Nashville is "Nowville" according to GQ - 02/24/14 02:28 AM

Forbes Business ranked it as the number five city for business. The New York Times called it the “It” City. A Gallup poll ranked it as a top five city for job growth and business start-ups. GQ Magazine called it “Nowville,” and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it as the best music scene. Of course, all of these are referring to Nashville. If you live here, you are probably already well aware of the many great things that Nashville and the surrounding areas have to offer, and have been for a long time. Sometimes the media can be a little slow … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: East Lake Homes For Sale Nashville Tn - 06/19/12 03:59 AM
East Lake Homes For Sale Nashville Tn
East Lake is a quaint neighborhood located on the East side of Nashville near Percey Priest lake. Most of the homes are very affordable making it perfect for first-time home buyers or even those looking to downsize. Just minutes from I-40, East Lake is convenient to just about everything Nashville has to offer. This particular home features 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths at right under 1200 square feet. If you would like to see this home or other homes in East Lake please contact us below:
Stephen Strickhausen Benchmark Realty 7127 Crossroads … (2 comments)

nashville homes for sale: 10 calls - 10 messages - 04/27/12 05:46 AM
As a Realtor here in middle Tn I have run into what seems to be a growing problem among agents. NOT ANSWERING PHONE CALLS OR RETURNING MESSAGES!
Before I get started, let me back up. Signing up for a real estate career means sort of making your life more available than most. It's just the way it is. Anything otherwise would be like saying that you wanted to become a doctor but never have to see blood. It's just not going to happen. In fact, a while ago I was getting at least 2-3 sales calls PER DAY. Sometimes at … (4 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Forrest Crossing Homes For Sale Franklin TN. - 02/13/12 06:34 AM
Forrest Crossing Homes For Sale Franklin TN
There is a very common misconception out there that it is impossible to find a great home in a gorgeous setting in Franklin without braking the bank.
Yes, there are homes in Franklin and Historic Franklin that carry tremendous price tags. There are Historic homes priced over half a million dollars that only have three bedrooms. 
Sometimes it just seems impossible to attain a Franklin home that you can afford.    Well, did you ever think that maybe the people that live in the historic homes or the huge homes with two … (2 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Top Nashville Listing Agent - 03/22/11 06:16 AM
Top Nashville Listing Agent 
Why choose a Benchmark Listing Agent to sell your home here in Nashville? It's all about the marketing. Pricing, presentation, location, and exposure are the four biggest selling points on a home.
~Any agent can tell you how much your house is worth.
~Any agent can stick a sign in your yard.
~Any agent can put your house in the MLS. 
These things expose your listing to thousands of people, but don't you want to double and triple those numbers? The more people who see your home, the more likely you are to sell it. 
We not … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Where we went wrong and how we can change it - 12/29/10 06:28 AM
The current real estate recession is no secret. How we got here is no secret either. How we are going to get out is common sense. 
The Thought ~
I was having a conversation with my real estate partner a few days before this Christmas break. He was chatting about going home to visit his parents in Oklahoma for a few days. Of course real estate always somehow fits into our conversations. He made a great point (no brainer) about how his parents have lived in the same house for basically his entire life (30 years). Then he started thinking about … (3 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Nashville MLS Search - 12/23/10 10:53 AM
Nashville MLS Search
Nashville MLS search is super easy to use. Whether you are new to Nashville or simply looking to move across town, we are here to help. To view ALL the Nashville MLS listings please visit our website. You can click on the home search button below to search specific areas such as Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Murfeesboro, 12 South, Hillsboro Village, Belmont, Vandy, Belle Meade, and all of middle TN. 
Stephen Strickhausen Benchmark Realty 7127 Crossroads Blvd, Suite 102Brentwood, Tn 37027Cell: (615)-480-5770        Disclaimer: Nashville homes for Sale, Nashville short sale, Nashville home search, Property in Brentwood TN, Franklin … (2 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Germantown Nashville Homes For Sale - 12/20/10 06:27 AM
Germantown Nashville Homes For Sale
Germantown is an 18 square block in East Nashville. It is considered Nashville's oldest residential neighborhood dating back to the 1830's. Germantown is filled with beautiful architecture and culture. Oktoberfest is held right in the middle of Germantown and attracts thousands of people each year. Home prices in this neighborhood range from the low hundreds to over 1 million dollars. If you would like more information about homes for sale in historic Germantown Tennessee then please contact us or click the home search button below. 
Stephen Strickhausen Benchmark Realty 7127 Crossroads Blvd, Suite 102Brentwood, Tn 37027Cell: … (1 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Crieve Hall Homes For Sale - 12/20/10 03:03 AM
Crieve Hall Homes For Sale
Crieve Hall is a neighborhood just south of downtown Nashville. It is located just east of I-65 and is primarily made up of ranch style homes that sit on at least 1/4 acre of land. Most home prices range anywhere from around $200,000 - $400,000. Crieve Hall was originally the home of the late Herbert Farrell and consisted of 100's of acres of land. Once he passed away, the home was demolished and new construction began. The area is now known as "Crieve Hall". If you would like more information on the Crieve Hall neighborhood (zip … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Green Hills Homes For Sale - 12/17/10 10:44 AM
Green Hills Homes For Sale
The "Green Hills" area is located just south of downtown Nashville and is centered more or less around the Green Hills Mall. The Mall is a great area surround by great chain and locally owned restaurants. The neighborhoods in Green Hills Tn are nothing short of beautiful. There are many historic homes that were built in the early 1900's. These homes have so much charm and history but have been tastefully renovated. 
To see Green Hills / Forest Hill Homes For Sale then click on the home search button below. This will include current homes in … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Hillsboro Village Homes for Sale - 12/17/10 08:38 AM
Hillsboro Village Homes for Sale
Hillsboro Village is just 3 miles southwest of downtown Nashville and is located close to Vandy, Belmont, and Music Row. It is one of the few pedestrian friendly areas in Nashville. Hillsboro Village also has incredible historic homes. Most of these homes have been incredibly renovated with true character to the neighborhood. 
To view all the homes, townhomes, and condos for sale in the Hillsboro Village / Vandy area then click on the home search button below. This will automatically generate all the current homes for sale in that area. 

Stephen Strickhausen … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Al Gore has ruined the effectiveness of Open Houses - 10/11/10 07:22 AM
Honestly, I could sum up this entire blog with one word.                                                                                                  The "INTERNET". 
Ok so maybe whomever ACTUALLY invented the internet is actually to blame. Sorry Al. 
Let me give you some background. I have been in real estate now for a little over three years. I came into the game and was … (6 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Temple Hills Franklin TN Homes for sale - 09/16/10 04:13 AM
Temple Hills Franklin TN
Temple Hills Franklin Tn is located in Williamson County and has easy access to downtown Nashville, Franklin, Cools Springs, and Brentwood. This neighborhood is situated on the Temple Hills golf Club. This beautiful golf club features a 27 hole private course, swimming, tennis, and the ability to host weddings and other social events.
Temple Hills is a very quiet neighborhood with an active HOA. The average size home is around 2900+ SF and most homes are priced on average of around $500,000.
Williamson County has one of the best school systems in Tennessee. … (3 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Why an educated agent is better than a licensed agent... - 08/11/10 10:34 AM
It amazes me how agents will get their license and then do the minimal requirements for ongoing education. A great example is a guy that I work with in the office. He has never once taken ANY classes over the past 8 months. BTW, he has been in RE for 8 months. 
Here are his stats;
1) Fudged his way to several closings
2) Lost 3 clients due to the fact that he did not get a "buyers rep agreement". One of them was a family friend. 
3) Lost a total of $33,000 in commissions due to mistakes. One of which … (8 comments)

nashville homes for sale: When client turns to friend... "Congrats on your new baby boy!" - 08/05/10 05:13 AM
A year ago I was contacted by a family who needed help moving to Nashville TN. They emailed me because they had been reading blogs I had written (On AR) about the areas they were interested in. They had literally never even been to the state of Tennessee but wanted to raise a family in a place where they could get more bang for their buck. They told me they felt more familiar with the area simply because of the videos, pictures, and blogs I had written.
I of course called the husband within the day and started talking about "options". … (2 comments)

nashville homes for sale: No! Your house is not as nice as Leann Rimes' house... - 08/03/10 11:08 AM
We recently had a listing appointment on a great house in a great neighborhood here in Nashville TN. The house itself is about 8 years old and the current owners have added a nice pool in the backyard. 
My team went over to the house, we did the walkthrough of the home with the wife, and then we discussed our marketing methods. She just LOVED us! She loved how we did things and seemed to be really impressed in general. As we sat down and started to go over the comparative market analysis of the home, she immediately said that they … (7 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Timing the real estate market is like timing a Roulette table... - 08/02/10 06:04 AM
You're in Vegas standing at a Roulette table and you see that the last 6 turns have landed on red. You throw $100 down on black. You cross your fingers and BOOM... It hits red again! "WHYYYYY???" "How could this happen to me??" "The odds were in my favor!!!". 
Sure they were in your favor but it just didn't happen. If you really break down real estate, what is it really? Real Estate in it's purist form is a dwelling, a place to rest, a shelter. With that being said, the best way to look at  purchasing a new home is figuring … (7 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Roll Tide Nashville - Real Estate? - 07/27/10 10:08 AM
Roll Tide Nashville

All of us spend money on a daily basis. From groceries, to bills, to gas, to even buying a new home. If we had the choice, I am sure we would all want a portion of each dollar spent to go towards something we love. There aren't many (if any) grocery stores that will give 10% of your dollar spent back to your local church. There aren't many (if any) electric companies that will apply 10% of your paid bill towards your favorite charity. 
You don't always have control over what you HAVE to spend money … (0 comments)

nashville homes for sale: Should Realtors have to take the BAR exam? - 07/27/10 07:23 AM
"Real Estate is not just about driving around and looking at pretty houses." ~ Stephen Strickhausen
I am sure that most agents have learned that lesson from the beginning.
Real Estate is about protecting your clients. Real Estate is about being better than the next guy/girl. Real Estate is about education...
Just recently I got an offer on one of my listings. The buyer's agent is considered to be a top agent here in the Nashville area. The agent did a great job on negotiating and to be quite honest, tried to push us around. After all negotiations and binding agreement, … (3 comments)