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Last Friday I went along with my son's kindergarten class on a Field Trip to Miller Farm - which is located in Platteville, CO - not too far East of I-25.  What a great day - just chilly enough to feel like fall, but warm enough for the kiddos to leave their jackets in the car so that we didn't e...
The last time you hired a professional to perform a service for you, were you satisfied with the results?  How did you find them?  Would you hire them again?    There are lots of ways to screen an individual or company.  Some are free, some come at a small cost, but it is SO worth the time and ef...
Wall Street's in turmoil, having taken its biggest hit since 9/11 with a 500 point drop, but things are looking stable for Denver's Real Estate market, according to the Denver Post: Colorado's largest mortgage lender is making it easier for homebuyers to borrow money. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage on...
I had a closing Friday (yay!) and I agreed with the mortgage broker who had referred the client to me, that we really needed to blog about this situation - which ended up being a win for everyone involved, because it was such a perfect example of why it's really important to be fully prepared and...
Arvada's annual Harvest Festival is September 6 - and if you're looking for old-time fun, one of the longest parades that you have ever seen, and some yummy treats, head on down to Olde Town Arvada! The committee has definitely stepped it up this year - check out their new website! There is a Spe...
The Sunnyside Music Fest is back next weekend with great music, shopping and eating, as well as fun stuff for the kiddos and cute new merchandise. Stop by the LIVE Urban booth and say hi - we will be there throughout the event, from 10 am to 8 pm at Chaffee Park, which is at 44th and Tejon. Get y...
I love this show.  It's so timely and pertinant for so many homeowners who are faced with the possibility of losing their home due to value depreciation and rising living and mortgage expenses. From the show's website... Hope for Your Home is a new half-hour series that takes on the tough circums...
We checked out the Parade of Homes on Friday, so I thought I would put up a quick photo tour: The villas on the tour have breathtaking views of the foothills as well as Soda Lake and Red Rocks, taking full advantage of the unique location, which is only about 15 minutes from Downtown Denver. This...
Your credit score: did you know that you have to have a credit score of 700-plus to qualify for a low-rate mortgage? First, your credit score is a number assigned to your creditworthiness. Your credit score indicates how well or how poorly you'll repay a debt. The higher the number, the more like...
I grew up near Westminster Mall, and, I have to admit, spent more than my fair share of time "cruising" the mall in high school.  Back then, it was the cool place to be.  Now, it's a hole.  Dark and dingy, it's a place where retail goes to die. I am so psyched to hear that it is finally going to ...

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