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Earlier today, I received an email from a client informing me he had accepted an offer on a house I staged for him.  The house is a new construction and has been on the market for only 3 weeks.  What set this house apart from the other 4 new construction homes with similar floor plans on the same...
 Being on Activerain has given me a whole new perspective on home staging.  I am very proud to be involved in such an exciting career.  For many years I was a trainer for a cosmetic company.  When I turned in my notice I was apprehensive.  Not because I was afraid I would miss my job, but because...
Nothing like jumping in with both feet.  After 8 years I quit my full-time job.  My plan was to slowly ease into staging full time.  Ha, Ha on me...  My very first staging project  was just a practice (i.e. FREE) for a very good friend of mine. And this project is  directly linked to all the proj...
Re-decorating a 70's style ranch house one room at a time presents several design challenges.  My client wants to start with a guest bathroom and work with one room at a time to complete the project.  All the doors in the house are a dark wood(I use that term loosely as the doors are not solid). ...
I have been asked by a client to re-decorate a bathroom.  It is a very small guest bathrooms and I already have several ideas...However, the baseboards and the door are both "honey oak" in color and matche the doors and baseboards in the rest of the house.  Painting the baseboards and door in the...
My practice house I staged for a friend of mine.  The house had been on the market for over 6 months.  After only 6 weeks they had 3 offers and accepted one today.  Staging Works!!!!! Stacy CavanaughStage and Sell by Stacy
This week, I staged a New Construction house. On Friday, workers were installing a new microwave and they left a lot of papers/boxes and dust. The house needs to be wiped down, mopped and windows windexed. I was hired by the realtor, but called the Developers to see if they would like for me to a...
I received a check in the mail this week for my first staging job!!!!!! I am so Excited!!!!!! My first job was 6 weeks ago for a realtor friend of mine. Great but the budget was small. My colleagues advised me to tell the realtor I needed a larger budget or refuse the job. I decided to go ahead a...

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