ny: Staging a home in Huntington, Long Island, New York with existing furnishings - 05/01/09 10:37 AM
As the unofficial 'queen of vacants' on Long Island, I love the challenge of working with the seller's own furniture and accessories.  For this particular home, we simply added a mirror, 2 framed prints, some window treatments, 5 accent pillows and faux greenery.
When the seller upgraded the kitchen, he enlarged the space and, as a result, ended up with this small, windowless 'Living Room'.  This is the first room that you saw when you walked into the Entry Hall.  Before staging, it wasn't a defined space but, rather, was used as a storage space.
We 'borrowed' a chair from the Den, … (19 comments)

ny: Do Some Sellers Have "Blinders" On When It Comes To Their Home? - 01/10/09 11:23 AM
And, speaking of "blinders", how many houses have you gone into that still have Levelor blinds on most every window?
I recently toured a vacant house that has been on the market for more than a year.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will show you what I found in this $800,000+ house that was built in the late 1970's and is located in an extremely 'tony' area here in Northport, LI, NY...

Here is the Living Room complete with raised platform which originally 'housed' a Baby Grand piano.  A brass and glass etagere and the … (16 comments)

ny: A Staging Catastrophe - or Do You Really Think Home Staging Is Easy? - 09/04/07 01:28 PM
So, wouldn't you know it...right before I left for Japan I had 2 jobs in 2 days. The first was for a house that was occupied and needed some better furniture placement and the addition of some accessories that would make the rooms 'pop'! No problem there and I was finished by 7:30 Monday evening.
On Tuesday, the day before I was to leave for my trip, I had to stage a vacant that was located in Jamesport, which is almost an hour and a half from my house. This vacant was actually a 'flip' and had already given me some … (18 comments)

ny: Issues with the Staging, or YOU CAN'T WIN THEM ALL! - 07/25/07 01:39 PM
I wasn't going to write about this, and I actually mentioned that to Judy Heinrich earlier this evening during a ‘chat' on the telephone...but then I thought about it, and decided that this is a very real part of being a Home Stager, and so I'll share....
In May I was asked by a realtor to come and view a house he had just obtained a listing for.  The house was in an exclusive beach area here in Northport and it was vacant.  The owners had since relocated to somewhere in the southeast and the house, which was listed at over $1 million, … (35 comments)

ny: A Perfect Summer Day - 07/13/07 11:13 AM
Today was one of those perfect summer days, the kind that you just want to revel in....I was fortunate enough to find myself with a 'flexible schedule' and decided to 'play hooky' and go to the beach.  The tide had just come in when I arrived around 11 and if there were 6 people at the beach, that was a lot!  I am fortunate to live in Northport, NY which is a small incorporated village on the north shore of Long Island.  We have our own private beach and the town beach is right 'next door'.
As soon as I set up my … (16 comments)

ny: This Vacant Says "BUY ME"! - 04/26/07 02:20 PM
OK - so, as requested, here are some of the Before and After pictures from the vacant house in Greenlawn, NY that I staged on Tuesday - you know...the one with the 'infamous' Scrabble Board!
They say 'less is more' and 'pictures can speak for themselves', so here you go....
Now, the kitchen isn't in yet, nor are the bathrooms, so I'll be going back to finish the job in a few weeks when everything is in place.  I have a few more 'tweaks' that I want to make in the Dining Room and with the window treatments....but … (23 comments)

ny: The "Spring Road" Dinosaur in Huntington, NY - 04/10/07 12:35 AM
Anyone who has gone onto http://www.classmates.com/ and reads the Message Boards, knows that "The Dinosaur", located on Spring Road in Huntington, is the subject of many posts.  Alumni who have moved away, quite frequently ask if the "Huntington Dinosaur" is still here.
I began my research for this article at the Huntington Public Library.  I spoke to a Research Librarian over the phone a few weeks ago, who was excited to see what information they might have, and promised to call me back in a day or two.  When she reached me the following day, she was sorry to advise that the … (9 comments)

ny: They Love Me, They Love Me Not..They Get It, They Really Don't Get It! - 04/06/07 01:02 AM
  Lately I have been wondering why it is that I can give a presentation to a Real Estate office, who in turn become very excited about the prospect of using staging on their listings, and then never hear from them again?  What happens after I leave?  Do they 'file' the material that I give them in the "Circular File" (trash can)?  Does it get buried under stacks of incoming listings? Does it go into a file or desk drawer with the 'intention' that they will use it when needed?  Do they make paper airplanes out of the brochure and fly … (34 comments)

ny: MY TOWN - NORTHPORT, LI, NY - 10/23/06 01:04 PM
Northport, L.I., NY
Northport is located on the North Shore of Long Island, which is also known as the Gold Coast.  It is an incorporated village, complete with its own Mayor, Village Board, Police & Fire Department, and Highway Department. 
The business district begins at the harbor located at the foot of Main Street.  There are parks located on either side, one complete with band shell where concerts are offered on Thursday evenings all summer long.  The park is also host to many area functions such as Arts & Music Festival in June, Cow Harbor Day in September, the Memorial Day Parade, Christmas Tree … (2 comments)

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