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This blog is about Cindy Lin's adventure in home staging industry and developing a green real estate promotional product. Cindy stages home with her Staged4more team in San Francisco bay area (mainly but not limited to San Mateo and San Francisco counties). She also launched EcoJoe, the green St Joseph Statue home selling kit last year. This blog reflects the journey of both of her companies.



        10. The listing photo is crooked: Why is the house tilted? I personally prefer my home level and my pens won't roll down the table when I set them down (it can be quite a hassel!) I feel like I am on the Titanic... Leo, where are you?       9. Taking photos without turning on lights/flash...
2007 is coming! But are you ready for another year of messy finances? As small business owners or independent contractors, we often sink ourselves into our businesses and ways to make more money to make ends meet. But, are we like our sellers who only see the tree not the forest? A lot of times w...
We hear the work "stick" fairly often in the marketing game, but what does that mean? In the modern day world, we are all victims of information overload. There are flashing images and sounds blasting in our ears trying to get our attention. As a result, our attention span is significantly shorte...
  Many people think that staging is a silly business. What stagers really do is just plunk furniture down, fluff some pillows and put some nice throw pillows on couches. Actually, not true. While staging may seem frilly to lots of outsiders, there are actually some science and psychology behind ...
 Fun Stuff! It's always nice to blog about things that are light-hearted and not so serious for once. I am supposed to tell you 5 things you don't know about me and then I get to tag 3 of you to go do the same.  I was not born in a hospital. This question always get me a slot on the people bingo ...
Accidents happen & somehow unwelcome evil relatives always show up unannounced. Here are a few tips that may help you. 1. Give the gift of green: Green is a gift that keeps on giving. It will provide shades and produces fruits & flowers over the years for your recipient. Here is a fabulous one t...
Live in One of the Best Neighborhoods San Francisco has to Offer. 2/1 Condo $940,000  Location: San Francisco, CA Live in One of the Best Neighborhoods SF has to Offer. Close to Fisherman's Wharf, Steps to North Beach, Shopping, Restaurants and More. This is SF Living! - 2 Spacious Bedrooms / 2n...
Saw this on Seeking Alpha today. Figure I should share! It's by far the best cool use of cell phone that I have seen! (contrary to popular opinion, talking on cell phone in public spaces is really not a great use!)  Tips on Cool New Uses for Your Cellular Phone  View article and View/Edit comment...
The holiday is near and life is getting crazier and crazier because unexpected family members landing from air and you are already swamped with holiday shopping & wrapping those darn things. Here are some of the simple rules of thumb in case on top of the craziness you are selling your home: Do: ...
We have all seen this when we go on tour: dirty socks on the floor (sometimes even underwear!!), dirty kitchen floor with cereal still on the floor and spaghetti sauces on the wall, black and moldy grout on the bathroom floor. It's unthinkable, but it's true. People do it, because they think "the...

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