abilene tx: Before and Afters Staged Home! - 02/15/14 03:15 PM

These first two photos are before any staging consultation.   Afer a staging consultation with the owner it was decided to paint the paneling in the kitchen and add a portable island to add counter space.  
Here is after staging.  What a difference a little paint can do and the right staging consultation.  Not shown in the photos,  but even the ceiling fan blades got painted!   

Here is the living Room before staging:



abilene tx: Calico Cat Photo - 03/12/13 02:55 PM
A friend emailed me a photo of my calico cat she took at my house.  
The cat likes to be part of any gathering and seems to be intently listening.   

The cat seems to be taking it all in or probably waiting for a chance to help herself to someones leftover food.
or maybe thinking about the big gold fish by Szechwans.


or maybe thinking these humans shoud stop trying to figure out … (2 comments)

abilene tx: "I'm Going to Stage It ME SELF! - 03/09/13 01:56 PM
This reminds me of when my daughter was little when she would proclaim "me do it."    One of the activities my daughter used the principle of "me do it" was to cut her own hair.  You can imagine how that turned out!  
Of course a homeowner can stage their own home just like they can sell their own home.  It's their home and that is the beauty of homeownership the right to do it YOUR WAY.
Three reasons to consider hiring a professional stager are to:
save time, make money reduce stress. A home stager is familiar with current … (6 comments)

abilene tx: HERE'S PROOF I'VE BEEN STAGING FOR SEVEN YEARS! - 03/05/13 01:28 PM
Here's proof that I've been staging for seven years in Abilene, TX!  
The photo is dated  March 18 2007 and the house was Staged and Sold shortly thereafter.

 Tulips are a dramatic touch for a dining table and never go out of style

Another favorite photo is this staged heating stove.
The nostalgic look of yesteryear never goes out of style either.
This home was staged and sold right away.


Spring Patio Table


WHEN YOU NEED … (2 comments)

abilene tx: My 5 Favorites Places in Abilene For Staging Decor! - 09/20/11 01:24 PM

#1  Pier One is  a good source of Wicker, seaasonal decor items and tableware such as placemats, napkins and  napkin rings.  All it takes for a seasonal look is for a round decorative plate placed on a plate stand with a silk plant and a candle to stage a kitchen counter vignette.
#2  Target - Target is best for candles and 3 white candles were 5.99 last year, but I  just noted that the  same 3 candles have gone up to $6.19 this year.   This is the best price for white candles  in town (trust me I have … (3 comments)

abilene tx: Real Estate Home Staging is More than Mowing the Grass. - 04/08/10 07:56 AM
Each of the last three  days, I have gotten a phone call asking me if my company needed someone to mow the grass.  Each time, I think  hey wait a minute, I had my grassed mowed last week, the next door neighbor just mowed their grass and then there's the other neighbor that seems to always need their grass mowed.  Why aren't  these grass mowers calling them instead?
Then it dawned on me.  My real  estate staging advertising dollars are at work.  In the business and service section of the local newspaper, Abilene Reporter News,  my staging business "STAGE IT" is … (0 comments)

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