before and after photos: TAKE BEFORE PHOTOS EVERY TIME! - 03/28/13 02:49 PM
Before and After Photos tell a compelling story without saying a word.
More than once now, I have forgotten to take a before photo of rooms that once staged were drop dead gorgeous!
It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting it staged quickly that the before photos never happened.  
Before photos don't have to be taken with a good camera after all they are BEFORE photos!
However, sometimes the stars just conspire against you.
I have forgotten the camera and pressed on with staging.   The camera doesn't work and … (9 comments)

before and after photos: What's in your Vacant Lisiting? - 12/08/10 01:08 PM
I am reblogging this post by Janice Sutton of California because the photos are so revealing. 
 Guess what vacant rooms in Abilene Texas look just as vacant as rooms do in California! 
 This blog illustrates in a dramatic way the appeal of staging your rooms.  In Abilene, I'm always available  for staging consultations.  Give me a call at 325-721-2429!

Are all your Vacant Listing starting to look alike?
Great there is a fireplace!  So what!  Lots of Vacant Listings have Fireplaces!! 
What's so Master about these Master Bedrooms?  Umm carpet. Big deal!
Honestly, vacant … (3 comments)

before and after photos: Before and After Bedroom - 09/15/10 01:42 AM
Staging the bedroom is really all about the bed as the bed is the obvious focal point. 
Think hotel room look when  you stage a bedroom.   When your house is on the market you are now in the hospitality and guest industry. Most persons would be aghast if one entered their hotel suite and somebody's else's family picutres and half squeezed toothpaste, and a wet towel  hanging on a hook were still inside  the hotel suite.
Clean It, Clear It, Make it Beautiful.  Add extra guest comfort, warmth, panache.   

before and after photos: FROM BACHELOR PAD TO STAGED PIZZAZZ in ABILENE TEXAS! - 05/11/10 09:21 PM
I really did it.  This Saturday,  I got up at 7:00 a.m. loaded the car and finished loading a pull behind trailer and was at the house to be staged at 8:30 a.m.  All was on schedule except for some details, the owner had been too tired to pack his car so there was STUFF in the living room and the Master bedroom.   I assured the seller, no problem, let's stash it in the garage or the Master closet.
With that problem solved, then it was on to vacuuming and cleaning kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.  The seller pitched in recruited volunteers, too bad there was … (5 comments)

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