blogging: Scrapbooking! - 12/01/12 01:31 PM

Scrapbooking has entered the digital age.  Some participate at an scrapbooking event and sit at their laptop. One plus for the digital method is their table is not a mess! They may be blogging instead, for all I know!
One good thing for the paper and print photo method is it is one event where messiness is encouraged or at least expected.   Cropping photo paper, cutting paper strips for scrapbook pages, searching one's supplies for just the right color paper, inevitably leads to a satisfying pile of photos, paper, stickers, and borders.   The paper method does create scraps … (2 comments)

blogging: Procrastination! - 11/30/12 02:00 PM
The pressure is on. 
I have written a blog the last 29 of 30 days, so why am I procrasinating writing the 30th Blog??  The time is ticking by.  The clock will strike midnight soon, and I will be a blogging failure. I  am a definitely a procrastinator.  It seems I require some pressure to get the blood pumping.  I love the rush of having a job completed so I don't know why I delay.  
  I read another blogger state that finishing the job is like a "slice of heaven"  Heaven is great, but how about a another slice … (6 comments)

blogging: I blog for points and the puppy doesn't care! - 10/03/11 03:50 PM
I admit it.  I BLOG FOR POINTS! 
Blogging is like speaking.  You only get better with practice. 
In September I entered the a contest here on Active Rain and committed to blog at least once per day for the 30 days of September.  I DID IT!!!
Now, I know I made it look easy, but actually, there were a few days, I was scratching for WORDS!
Nothing like doing something for 30 days in a row to build momenturm.  It has been said that do something for 21 days in a row and its a habit.  I have done … (4 comments)

blogging: I've been found on "Google! WooHoo! - 04/12/11 02:54 PM
A former client couldn't find my phone number so she "googled me"  and wallah she found me!!!!
What a relief to know that I am not LOST!!!
This may not be the most earthshattering piece of news, but I'm sure that active rain deserves the credit.
When one searches for Beverly Carlson + Abilene, one gets 47 results and most of them are my blogs on activerain.  How cool is that?
I know I know, get over myself.   Blogging is a form of online journaling and is very relaxing for me anyway.
 Active rain blogging has been a good habit … (10 comments)

THE LINK TO MY MOST POPULAR BLOG IN 2010 ABOUT SHOWER CURTAINS DOESN'T WORK FOR ME IN MY PREVIOUS BLOG. My computer gives a message that that blog # doesn't exist.  Don't you love computers that think they know better than you?!
I'm STILL alive and well, I promise.  My computer may not be or my knowledge of the computer may not be well.  
I'm one of those people I don't read the directions until I absolutely have to.  I will figure it out later, but for now, click on my name or "Abilene"  or "Taylor County" and enjoy scrolling … (0 comments)

blogging: My 2 MOST POPULAR HOME STAGING BLOGS! - 01/02/11 04:29 AM
I guess there's a lot to love about shower curtains!
My most popular blog to date was actually written in 2009 entitled "If you can smell it, you can't sell it."  It got   2990 views!!!
I would like to give credit to Barb Schwarz, the CEO of as this saying is in her staging training material. 
Any questions about home staging in Abilene, call Beverly at 325-721-2429,   
The photo below is one of my favorites, showing an … (0 comments)

blogging: On Blogging Thoughts - 07/15/10 05:59 PM
AN IDEA CAN PEEK OUT like a prairie dog from it's hole and then disappear into the hole just as quickly.
In Rose Park while walking yesterday morning, a sweet little prairie doggie had his nose poked out from a little opening just beside the concrete picnic bench next to the playground.  The perky little nose peeked out just an inch or so and that  was it.
It reminded of a time a person  told me that she often had felt like she was peeking out from under a rug in her marriage.  Fortunately prairie dogs seem to be happier critters and was just poking … (35 comments)

blogging: Chickens and Blogging! - 07/13/10 05:45 AM


blogging: THE ORANGE PILLOW BLOG! - 05/23/10 07:24 PM
Orange you glad we are having a discussion about orange pillows?

or perhaps, I need to confess, my brain can't handle any thing more complicated than a discussion of what color pillows to put on the couch?
I used to think what color pillow goes on the couch was a simple decision until, I decided that I needed to be more in touch with the times and the trends of home design.  A perusal of current home and interior design and decor magazines and catalogs … (8 comments)

blogging: Sunday Morning - 01/17/10 01:21 AM
I had an art print of a greenhouse with the walk leading up to it and rays of sun streaming in and it was so beautiful that I named it "SUNDAY MORNING."  
In a previous move, I am not sure what happened to the print. 
Sunday morning is a great morning to reflect.
Sunday morning is a great morning to take a walk.
Sunday morning is a great morning to blog.
Sunday morning is a great morning to go to church.
Best of all Sunday morning is a great morning
to stop and listen....

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