happy new year: HAPPY NEW YEAR! - 12/31/10 04:27 PM
Okay I admit it, just want to see the counter of # of blogs roll over to 125. 
The good news after 12   weeks of medical treatment, I am feeling pretty normal, well I may be exagerating a bit there, pretty close to pretty normal.  I am splurging big time staying up late.  but it is New Years Eve.  I have a consistent pattern of making New Years Resolutions and then breaking them.  God decided to fix me this year so I can keep my New Years Resolutions.
God had a different idea for me this year. He has blessed with a decided priority … (8 comments)

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My Blog is about my real estate career of buying, selling, leasing, managing properties, and home staging. I can help anyone in Abilene, Texas to buy or sell or manage properties or stage properties. My passion is staging because it is the premier marketing strategy to get to "SOLD" in the shortest amount of time. Staging a home leads to more showings which leads to more offers. Staging is part of my marketing plan for selling and leasing. I stage for other Realtors and homeowners. I stage both vacant and occupied properties. I do model homes and model apts. Big or small, I stage them all.




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