homeowners: WHEN YOU SELL YOUR HOUSE, YOU HAVE TO MOVE!!! - 02/07/11 12:08 PM
1.  YES, move the clutter out.  Pack and store up your belongings that are just sitting around in the way such as books, magazines,newspapers, toys, collectibles, good stuff and bad stuff.  Move it out before the FOR SALE SIGN goes up!
2.  Protect your collectibles and special collections BEFORE the FOR SALE SIGN goes up. This way you don't have to worry about curious little hands picking up a valuable collectible when your house is shown.
3.  Move the big pieces of furniture out in order to make your … (12 comments)

homeowners: All of a Sudden, everyone is talking about Home Staging! - 01/26/10 03:41 PM
The home is beautifully staged" reads a glowing description on an Abilene Board of Realtors MLS listing. 
The recent monthly issue of the online portion of the Realtor magazine features an Accredited Staging Professional and Realtor with a five minute video clip.
Barb Schwarz's website, www.stagedhomes.com now features only staged homes for sale. 
Yes,  staging seems to be everywhere!  
I was in the Lowes store the other day and there was a book on home staging and I can't believe I paid full price for it.  I never, never pay full price for a book,  but I did for this … (10 comments)

homeowners: Why Be a Property Manager? - 07/02/09 04:53 PM
My prior post on Why Not to Be a Property Manager depressed me and didn't get any comments toboot!
In order to rectify the situation, here are five good reasons to be a property manager.
1. Property Management provides the manager and the owners another stream of income.
2.   A property manager helps make other people money and owners love to get checks in the mail!
3.  A property manager accomplishes what other owners  don't want to do!
4.  You help make housing more available by successfully  renting or leasing  owner  homes out and increasing the available affordable … (4 comments)

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