property management: "DO YOU TAKE SNAKES?" - 11/21/12 01:20 AM
There is a special part of real estate called property managment where you never run out of hearing  unusual questions!
There is always a new question!
Today's question from a prospective tenant is: 
Even funnier is I thought I heard: "DO YOU TAKE Section 8 (eight)?     and then I asked about the caller's housing assistance status  and the reply was  "what is that?" When I said I thought you wanted to know about whether the rental house is  available for city assistance. 
Then the prospective tenant repeats the question.  
"DO YOU … (0 comments)

property management: STAGE THEM ALL Big or Small! - 09/22/09 03:10 AM
Stage them all Big or Small!
Realizing my last blog was about the commode, gasp, let me get this blog out of the toilet.  What was I thinking?
Last week I had a bathroom apt painted/repaired around the bathtub and liked the paint color (Benjamin Moore)  so well that I plan to use it again in another bathroom.   a
   I added some extra black towels and a black throw rug  to stage this bathroom Also, not in the picture, a cellophane wrapped bar of Ivory tied with raffia ribbon was placed on the shiny soap dish. 
Then I … (2 comments)

property management: Stage to Lease! - 07/27/09 07:52 PM
What is Stage to Lease?  Is is the same as Stage to Sell?  Yes, Stage to Lease is about  home staging  your rental apt, or house for lease or rent.  Home staging is about showcasing the space of the unit to highlight it's best features and to appeal to as broad of segment of the prospective tenant market as possible.  Stage to Lease is pretty much State to Sell particularly int he fundamentals.
Five Steps:
1.  Before staging begins, repair the unit.
2.  Before staging begins, declutter the unit.
3. Before staging begines, professionally clean the unit.
4.  Now it is ready for staging.  Provide furnishings … (11 comments)

property management: Stage To Lease! - 07/18/09 05:05 PM
When life hands you lemons, make lemon aide, is common folk wisdom.  Despite  marketing hype to the contrary which often advises folks to stop making a landlord rich and buy instead of renting.  Unfortunately, I am not getting rich from people paying me rent.  To prove this point, a recent past tenant gave me pause when there was dog poop found inside the house, and a truck load of trash to be hauled away just for the start of the cleanup.  Now you can better understand the saying that when life hands you lemons, make lemonaide. 
A SKILL I have acquired and honed to an art  form is the … (4 comments)

property management: Why Be a Property Manager? - 07/02/09 04:53 PM
My prior post on Why Not to Be a Property Manager depressed me and didn't get any comments toboot!
In order to rectify the situation, here are five good reasons to be a property manager.
1. Property Management provides the manager and the owners another stream of income.
2.   A property manager helps make other people money and owners love to get checks in the mail!
3.  A property manager accomplishes what other owners  don't want to do!
4.  You help make housing more available by successfully  renting or leasing  owner  homes out and increasing the available affordable … (4 comments)

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