staging redesign: Staging your outdoor spaces - 05/05/09 06:16 AM
Ideas for outdoor living space
With spring lurking in a few months this is a great time to start thinking and purchasing items for your outdoor living space.  In Nevada because of our beautiful warm weather our outdoor areas are seen as an extension or another room to our home.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor spaces.  It can be another eating area, lively gathering place, calm refuge or a place for our children to play all without leaving your backyard. Choose a theme that reminds you of a favorite setting or vacation destination. Then get started on … (1 comments)

staging redesign: Staging...can the homeowner do the staging? - 05/11/07 03:14 PM
Can the homeowner do the staging for the home?  Absolutely!  We have a service called Super Strategies for selling your house where we can give you all the ideas, layout and concepts that staging will do for the home.  We charge by the hour for this service and if the homeowners are motivated they can most likely get the work done necessary to really make a difference.
I've worked with several homeowners that were able to create a new look for their home by just following our suggestions.  Call us if you need help with staging vacant or occupied homes and we … (0 comments)

staging redesign: it here to stay? - 05/11/07 03:03 PM
Did you know that staging has been around since the early 90's. But back then it was used in limited settings and for more high end homes. It's taken a lot of years to get where staging is a marketing tool that is used by savvy Realtors and homeowners to sell homes. .
HGTV in the last few years have targeted the home improvement market. They have done a great job of educating the public what and how staging works.  Staging can be done to both vacant and occupied homes however the staging for each are very different.  A home without furniture often lacks interest and … (3 comments)

staging redesign: Staging...ask some questions - 05/07/07 04:31 PM
Staging is all about creating a connection with the future homeowner.  When you are hiring a staging company be sure to interview and find out what types of products and services they provide.
How long have they been staging
What is their background in design
What kind of staging(vacant, occupied) do they provide?
Do they own any furniture? or will you have to rent from a corporate leasing company, this can be very expensive
Do they have a website that you can see before and afters and learn about their company
Do they have homes that you can look at  in person
Will they be able to provide … (0 comments)

staging redesign: Why isn't the home selling? - 05/06/07 11:30 AM
There are many factors to consider when a house is not selling.  But before you reduce the price of the home the first time you should consider bringing in an expert to give a critique of the home from curbside, throughout the home and including the back yard.
Our company has such services as do other staging companies.  I can tell you from experience that 9 out 10 times there are things that can be done to help make a connection to the new homeowner.  Don't underestimate the value of this service. 
The reduction price for the property will be in the thousands … (2 comments)

staging redesign: What is home or Real Estate Staging? - 05/06/07 02:08 AM
Staging is not a new concept.. it has been around since the early 90's but like everything it takes an idea to travel around awhile before everyone catches the concept and can see the value.
HGTV was the wild fire for establishing the staging concept.  They informed their viewers about this innovative concept of presenting the  home completing ready to the future homeowners.  By de-cluttering, de-personalizing, reshaping the existing furniture or adding a complete home of furniture to fit the home it helps to establish an excitement and a connection to the new homeowner. 
Staging is not going to go away any time soon, so … (2 comments)

staging redesign: How does staging work...let me count the ways! - 05/05/07 04:39 PM
1. It will help any home to show better the architectural features and attributes that the home has to offer
2. It will sell faster in any kind of market
3. It will often sell for more money
If you aren't using staging find a stager in your area and ask them to tell you about the services they will help you to get the SOLD sign posted.
We dress homes to sell!

staging redesign: Is staging really necessary? - 05/04/07 08:11 AM
Yes, but only if you want to sell the house for the best price and the least amount of time!
I really don't even need to write any more because that statement is absolutely true!  We often can increase the selling price of the home up to 7% after we have staged or completed a staging redesign.
Partner up with a stager in your area  or go to www.weredesign.comto find a stager in your area and use them as part of your marketing strategy to get  the SOLD sign posted for your seller!

staging redesign: Who pays for staging -Homeowner or Realtor? - 04/29/07 03:22 PM
We have the largest staging company in Reno so we provide a higher level of service and products than most other staging companies.  We own all of the furnishings and accessories and we have alot of them.  And it's our products that  always makes a house beautiful and unique.
So after you decide that you are going to stage who will pay for it?  I would say that about 70% of the time the homeowner pays for the service.  After we build a relationship with a Realtor we find that they want every house staged because they see the benefit and they pay for the … (2 comments)

staging redesign: Staging is here to stay - 04/29/07 05:04 AM
The reason staging is here to stay is because it works! About 80% of our work is real estate staging for vacant houses.  Yes houses not homes.  There is a difference.  A home is place where a family lives and a house is the opposite  the family is gone and lacks interest and personality because the home is empty.
We change that when we stage.  We are different than other staging companies because we do not lease any of our furniture or accessories...we own them.  After we load in our unique home furnishings and accessories the home looks beautiful and captures the interest of … (0 comments)

staging redesign: Virtual Tour..After you've staged - 04/29/07 04:07 AM
I'm a real estate stager so of course I believe in virtual tours.  The projects that we complete always look better when a virtual is done and why wouldn't you want to have your investment advertised in the best format. 
Regular or still pictures just do not give the true dimensions of each room not to mention the quality of lighting, angles and general overall look of the room does not come across as exciting as a virtual tour will provide. 
Why not consider virtual tours as part of your marketing strategy. More than ever people are shopping on the Internet and this format is … (0 comments)

staging redesign: Adding SPARKLE to the home - 04/29/07 03:42 AM
Adding sparkle  to any home is important. In this case I am talking about the lighting throughout the home. This not only includes the electrical lighting but also the light that comes from the windows.
Make sure that all the light bulbs are working and are the proper wattage so that the room is properly illuminated.  In addition make sure all the windows throughout the home have been professionally cleaned inside and out.  This will make a HUGE difference in allowing natural light to flood the room. Having natural light coming into the room will create a mood that can not be recreated easily with … (2 comments)

staging redesign: Pay day...Real estate staging are you using it? - 04/29/07 03:17 AM
Staging is what can help you stand out from other Realtors.  There still are many Realtors that don't use staging services.  What I don't understand about this choice is that advertising the home in many different ways is how the home is sold.  Networking, word of mouth, print advertising, Internet, virtual tours- there are so many ways to invest in advertising when you are trying to sell the home so why not include real estate staging.
Staging can be one of the BEST investments before you start any marketing efforts.  Without having the home in showcase form the rest can become very costly.  The … (0 comments)

staging redesign: Curbside...Stage it! - 04/29/07 01:53 AM
Buyers begin to make decisions whether they will buy the house as soon as they drive up to it.  We stage the front and the back of the house.  Sometimes it can be as simple as putting pots with flowers by the entry area which will add color and welcome the buyer.  But often the homeowner has had no interest in gardening or yard work and the front of the home lacks interest.
Call in an expert to get and estimate.  You'll be surprised that often it only takes a small investment that will make a huge difference in the look of … (2 comments)


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