home stagers in brighton: Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary with Two SOLD! Homes - 09/18/08 08:03 AM
RE:STYLE Home Staging and Redesign Just Celebrated Its 3rd Anniversary!
And we did it by de-staging one house yesterday, and we'll continue the celebration by de-staging a second one tomorrow! Again, proof that staging works!
Here are some Before and After photos:
House #1--Ann Arbor, MI
This house was lived-in when I first went for the consultation. But after discussion with the client, we all realized that they would have a difficult time living in it in a staged condition. So, they agreed to temporarily move into an apartment, as they were on their way from Michigan to Washington, D.C. anyway. … (6 comments)

home stagers in brighton: Realtors--Word is Out and You'll Be Getting Requests - 08/07/08 12:47 PM
Consumer Reports Supports Home Staging--Do You?
As noted in Jennie Norris' blog, Consumer Reports has a great page on home staging in their September issue. (And, please note, the photos they show are examples of staging by RE:STYLE!)

So, you can expect to be getting even more requests from clients for staging services. But, being proactive and savvy, I know you'll actually offer those services before the clients even asks!
Many Realtors fear offending their clients by offering staging. However, if you make it a practice to mention staging to every potential client who calls you, you will:
1) Put … (0 comments)

home stagers in brighton: Staging Lite--is it Right? - 08/04/08 10:38 AM

I've heard of stagers who stage with accessories only, to keep down costs for sellers. Is this really effective? I'd love to see examples and whether or not it has actually helped to sell houses more quickly. I interpret this as staging bathrooms and the kitchen, and perhaps adding just artwork and rugs in other rooms. I'd love to hear from stagers who do use this staging level!
RE:STYLE has done "vignette staging", but that includes some furniture, however minimal. Here's an example:

Please let me know your experience, and perhaps … (54 comments)

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