home staging in michigan: Home Sellers--A Picture Is Worth A Thousand $$$ (Or More)! - 10/07/09 12:17 AM
Choose Your Realtor By Their Photos
No, not the pictures of themselves--of the houses they are selling! The Internet is where 85% of the buyers are searching. And they eliminate houses based on the photos. So really, the pictures of your house on the Internet are your FIRST SHOWING. Also, great photos make your house look as valuable as it really is.
Make sure your house makes its best possible first impression! When you interview an agent, along with all the other important questions:
-Ask them how their photos of their listings compare to other agents.
-Ask to see examples.
-What kind of camera do … (4 comments)

home staging in michigan: Home Staging Works for $88,000 Houses, Too! - 10/06/08 08:29 AM
From Drab To Fab
RE:STYLE Home Staging and Redesign's associate, Tonya Seckinger, just completed staging this 830 Sq. ft. house in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. The transformation from a sad, empty house to a warm, inviting home was nothing short of miraculous! Of course, this is often the case with professional home staging. But when the house isn't a million dollar baby, it seems like it's even more amazing. Watch as a drab little rental morphs into a happy place someone would want to call home:
Now this house looks like a real value for the … (26 comments)

home staging in michigan: Homeowners--Do You REALLY Want To Sell Your Home? - 09/19/08 11:07 AM
Letting Go Is Hard To Do...
Selling a home can be a very emotional experience. Here in Michigan, many are losing their jobs, and when they find new employment, it's often in another state. The family is uprooted, and sometimes angry or upset. So, the sale of the home is subtly, or not so subtly, sabotaged by these methods:
Refusal to Stage the Home To Sell
If you are not willing to stage your home, you are not ready to sell it. Period. Because inviting a professional home stager into your home is inviting constructive criticism--advice which will mean looking at … (4 comments)

home staging in michigan: Realtors--Word is Out and You'll Be Getting Requests - 08/07/08 12:47 PM
Consumer Reports Supports Home Staging--Do You?
As noted in Jennie Norris' blog, Consumer Reports has a great page on home staging in their September issue. (And, please note, the photos they show are examples of staging by RE:STYLE!)

So, you can expect to be getting even more requests from clients for staging services. But, being proactive and savvy, I know you'll actually offer those services before the clients even asks!
Many Realtors fear offending their clients by offering staging. However, if you make it a practice to mention staging to every potential client who calls you, you will:
1) Put … (0 comments)

home staging in michigan: Staging Lite--is it Right? - 08/04/08 10:38 AM

I've heard of stagers who stage with accessories only, to keep down costs for sellers. Is this really effective? I'd love to see examples and whether or not it has actually helped to sell houses more quickly. I interpret this as staging bathrooms and the kitchen, and perhaps adding just artwork and rugs in other rooms. I'd love to hear from stagers who do use this staging level!
RE:STYLE has done "vignette staging", but that includes some furniture, however minimal. Here's an example:

Please let me know your experience, and perhaps … (54 comments)

home staging in michigan: Realtors--You Can Be The Hero! - 07/12/08 01:32 PM
  Because of the proliferation of all the home staging shows on HGTV, TLC, DIY, etc., the selling public is very aware of the benefits of home staging. Gosh, HGTV even said that the Number 1 Real Estate Mistake is “Failing to Showcase Your Home” (and they suggest hiring a professional home stager)…
Why would you want your clients to call a home stager without you getting the credit for suggesting this? Or, why would you want to have a seller ask you if you offer a staging consultation, when you could have been the one to mention it first?

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