vacant home staging: Secret Santas & Random Acts of Giving in Brighton, Michigan--Home Stager Helps Add Joy to the World! - 12/24/08 05:37 AM
Local Businesses Provide a Fun Twist on Secret Santa with their "Finders, Keepers" Gift Bag Event
Some little extras will be scattered around town this week in hopes of spreading some extra holiday cheer over Brighton. Taking the lead from a recent Coopers & Binkley promotion, three local businesses created thirty gift bags filled with goodies that will be left in thirty area business establishments. Where will they be?  That’s for the finders to find. Once they find, they keep!  

"We just wanted to add a special element of fun and surprise to the season, especially with the economic climate the way … (6 comments)

vacant home staging: Home Staging with RE:STYLE in Fenton, Michigan--Mad About Plaid - 11/22/08 02:02 PM
Did You Know That Plaid Is A Hot Trend This Fall?
Well, I recently had an opportunity to do some writing for Taubman malls and to write about 67 trends for the fall. Plaid is one of them! Now, normally my staging isn't really influenced by trends, as I stage more to appeal to a broad range of buyers. But when I saw the plaid sofas in this house in Fenton, I thought I could work with them and save the sellers some money. I think I pulled it off--what do you think?
Here are some Before and After photos:
We … (13 comments)

vacant home staging: Homeowners--Do You REALLY Want To Sell Your Home? - 09/19/08 11:07 AM
Letting Go Is Hard To Do...
Selling a home can be a very emotional experience. Here in Michigan, many are losing their jobs, and when they find new employment, it's often in another state. The family is uprooted, and sometimes angry or upset. So, the sale of the home is subtly, or not so subtly, sabotaged by these methods:
Refusal to Stage the Home To Sell
If you are not willing to stage your home, you are not ready to sell it. Period. Because inviting a professional home stager into your home is inviting constructive criticism--advice which will mean looking at … (4 comments)

vacant home staging: Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary with Two SOLD! Homes - 09/18/08 08:03 AM
RE:STYLE Home Staging and Redesign Just Celebrated Its 3rd Anniversary!
And we did it by de-staging one house yesterday, and we'll continue the celebration by de-staging a second one tomorrow! Again, proof that staging works!
Here are some Before and After photos:
House #1--Ann Arbor, MI
This house was lived-in when I first went for the consultation. But after discussion with the client, we all realized that they would have a difficult time living in it in a staged condition. So, they agreed to temporarily move into an apartment, as they were on their way from Michigan to Washington, D.C. anyway. … (6 comments)

vacant home staging: Home Staging Takes Homes From Good to Great--to SOLD! - 09/14/08 11:02 AM
Good Isn’t Good Enough in Today’s Housing Market
Too often when I question Realtors about their listings, they say, “All of mine look good!” and then they blame lack of sales on improper pricing—meaning, homeowners won’t list at a saleable price.
While of course pricing is key, the condition of the home is equally as important. And a good house that’s well priced isn’t going to be the one that sells if there’s an equally well-priced GREAT home in the neighborhood. Buyers today don’t have to settle for GOOD—they can, and they do, demand GREAT!
This house looked "good" enough … (8 comments)

vacant home staging: From Dated To Desirable--Before and After Vacant Home Staging Photos - 08/30/08 06:01 AM
Just Staged by RE:STYLE
This house has lots of potential, even though it hasn't been updated. Fortunately, after a year on the market, the homeowners decided to take advantage of my Inventory Reduction Sale (2 months for the price of of 1!) and stage the house. We have already received positive comments from Realtors who had shown the house before the staging, so let's hope it moves quickly!
For less than one month's mortgage payment (not to mention all the carrying costs), we got this house staged to sell!

vacant home staging: Short Sales and Foreclosures--How Does Home Staging Fit In? - 08/20/08 02:42 AM
Realtors and Stagers--How have you successfully used staging in these situations?
Of course, as a home staging professional, I believe that every house will benefit from home staging. But I know that money is tight in a short sale situation, and probably nonexistent in a foreclosure. So:
1. Will banks pay to have a house staged?
2 If so, is there a preferred method for getting this to happen?
3. What about adding staging into the upfront administration fee that some Realtors are requiring in order to take on a short sale?
4. Who to approach, as far as the banks … (18 comments)

vacant home staging: From Blah To Ahhhhh!--Results Are In--SOLD! in One Day! - 08/14/08 07:23 AM
Let's Do This Again!
If you didn't see my original post (House-Goes-From-Blah), you may want to check it out! The owners (who I haven't met) were in Europe on vacation. I was a little concerned about what they might think upon their (surprise!) return, so I asked the Realtor for feedback. Here is what the owners had to say:
"Michelle and I did have a chance to see the staging and we thought it looked incredible.  They did a fantastic 
job brightening up the house, making it look much more fun, and inviting.  Michelle couldn’t say enough nice 
things about the … (10 comments)

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