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Many residents in Northeast Ohio are awakened in extreme cold temperatures by noises of unknown origin. The source may have been the very enclosure that protected the residents; their houses are quaking. In extreme cold weather conditions we can learn rudimentary lessons in physics. Materials tha...
Tips for safe sledding This is advice I gathered from a few sources (yes... including mom.) First thing I tell parents.   For the first 12 years or so…is to be with your children when they are sledding, 5 years and younger parents should be on the sled with your child**.  You will be able to guid...
How to avoid frozen and burst pipes                                                                                                                                                                                          Insulate water tanks and lag pipes (lagging material is available from all g...
    Here is some safe driving tips that I have researched for ice and snow.  What I found was quite interesting.  Thank you "Cat and Fiddle for allowing me to share this. Driving on Ice Unlike snow, ice is often invisible. You have to guess where it might be. Look for reflections in the road surf...
Planning for and properly responding to snow and icy conditions is important, and one aspect of this is removing the snow on your roof if it begins to pile up. Now, it is possible to over-emphasize the need to remove snow from your roof.  Roofs, especially in areas that get a lot of snow, are bui...

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