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Overseeding is an overlooked activity in Northeast Ohio home lawn care. Home owners assume, incorrectly, that fertilizer is all that is needed to keep a turf thick and free of weeds. Grass gets tired. It needs to be revitalized every five or six years.   Overseeding Keeps Lawn Thick And Weed-Free...
When it comes to getting that sidewalk repaired in Avon Lake make sure you review the ordinance.  Here it is:   Codified Ordinance 660.05 states,   (a) Cleaning and Repairing Sidewalks. (1) No owner of any lot or land abutting upon any street or highway shall refuse, fail or neglect to repair or ...
After a long, dreary winter, and during the even worse "mud" season, hardy spring bulbs can be used to provide bright and cheery color in the landscape. They are usually the earliest plants to bloom, and most of them have exceptionally showy flowers.  Mid September through October is the best tim...
Slip and fall responsibility for homeowners is determined in the same way as it is for any property owner: if the homeowner was responsible for the condition, knew about the condition, or should have known about the condition and had reasonable time to repair it then they will likely be liable fo...
  In a previous post I had indicated that the last 3 months have shown a decrease in inventory ( a sign that homes are selling well in the area) and second, values had stabilized (another good sign for the local economy and an indication that there is a demand for homes in the area. I had been in...
Ten Avon Lake Students Selected for Cleveland Youth Wind SymphonyTen Avon Lake Band students were selected to perform in the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony this year. Pictured are: Anna Phillips, Braeden Loveless, EJ Wennerberg, Brennan Thomas, Nicole Ziemba, Ryan Jaeckin, Jordan Laird, Ashley Bra...
Spring is around the cornerand you need curb appeal to help sell that home.  Here are the top 10 to consider 1. Update paint, siding, and trim – This is the biggest way in which you can give your home its most dramatic visual transformation. First, repair any cracked, damaged or rotting material,...
Early spring is a good time to do some needed pruning. Despite the advice that some gardening literature provides -- to prune spring-flowering trees and shrubs after bloom -- much pruning can be done in the early spring.                                                                             ...
If you are looking for a home in Lorain County  you might want to consider homes in Avon and Avon Lake.  Today I have been focused in Avon and the numbers there are quite impressive.  Recent data from trend graphics and research support the claim that current market values in Avon Ohio are holdin...
Okay so full Spring weather is just around the corner and so there is no better time to get started now on that wonderful season.  So here are a list of fun and not so fun planning for Spring.   ·        FUN: Plant summer bulbs! Once the last freeze has occurred, plant summer-flowering bulbs such...

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