bay village homes real estate: Bay Village Market Report - 03/20/11 12:58 PM
Here are the stats on Bay Village this week. Need more infomation? Call me today!!


bay village homes real estate: What makes a home a condo? - 07/11/10 05:44 PM
Condominium Property Characteristics
Condominiums can take many forms structurally. They may be like regular apartments, or they may be townhouses. In fact, many are converted apartment houses or townhouse complexes. Some condominium communities actually offer individual standalone houses; these communities look like typical housing tracts, but again the residents own only the air space inside their homes. Even though each may have a fair amount of property, that property is managed by the association and not the individual owners.
Condominiums, also known as "condos," offer many of the same amenities as home ownership, except that the development is managed by … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Great Avon Lake Opportunity!! Hurry! - 07/05/10 05:38 PM

bay village homes real estate: Bay Village Bay Days and Fireworks - 06/30/10 03:08 AM
Here is the info on Bay Village this weekend!!


bay village homes real estate: Cuyahoga County OH sales up dramatically in March - 04/15/10 02:07 PM
Cuyahoga County which encompasses the surrounding Cleveland area has show a 90% increase in homes going into pending status in March compared to the previous month. Going from 866 homes in pending to 1606. These numbers were staggering. Consider people jumping on the tax credit incentive would increase this number with more to see in April. But the other factor to consider is that people are buying homes again in the Cleveland area and more so now than in years. Cleveland industry has shown some job growth in many fields especially in the area of health sciences and science and industrial … (1 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Caring for Granite tops - 01/20/10 03:13 PM
I thought I share an article on Granite.  This is the choice now in many updated kitchens and baths. If you don't know already, Granite is a gorgeous stone often used for countertops and flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike marble, granite is more durable and easier to care for. Real natural granite offers much sought after qualities such as durability, wear ability, and a rich design that is unmatched by synthetics.
Granite is an all natural, naturally formed stone that is simply harvested from quarries, cut, polished, sealed, and installed. Granite is available in many natural styles and colors such … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Different Home Deeds in Northeast Ohio - 01/20/10 01:40 PM
People ask what types of home deeds there are in Ohio.  Here is the what I know. 
General Warranty Deed: Most common form of deed in Ohio. If there is just one buyer, title will upon death pass to such owner's heirs unless otherwise provided for by the owner's will. If there is more than one buyer then a tenancy-in-common among owners is created, which means that each buyer owns an 'undivided' interest in the property. Upon the death of one of the owners, title to their 'undivided' part interest will pass to that owner's heirs unless otherwise provided for by … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Seven Things you Should Know When Selling Your Avon Lake Home - 05/01/09 05:36 PM
People who sell their home may be able to exclude the gain from their income. Here are seven things every homeowner should know if they sold, or plan to sell their house.
Amount of exclusion. When you have gain from the sale of your home, you may be able to exclude up to $250,000 of the gain from your income. For most taxpayers filing a joint return, the exclusion amount is $500,000. Ownership test. To claim the exclusion you must have owned the home for at least two years during the five year period ending on the date of the sale. … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Avon Lake Homes for Sale: Current sales stats for January 2009 - 02/20/09 04:15 PM
Thought I share the current stats in the Avon Lake surrounding area for the month of January 2008.  Avon Lake had the most home sales in the area with the average sale price at $81 dollars a square and listing price of $93 a square foot.  These Avon Lake numbers were impacted by the spread of priced homes that sold in the area. They ranged from $57,000 to $600,000. This again points out the diversity in the Avon Lake area which makes living there so appealing for many people.
Avon, Avon Lake, and Bay Village Ohio Combined


bay village homes real estate: Steelers win!!! But hey you can still buy a home in Northeast Ohio - Avon Lake, Ohio - 02/01/09 03:02 PM
  Sure you can be disappointed. Yep I was cheering the Cardinals.  Yes I wanted the Steelers to loose.  Come on, I am in Browns country. But boy that one was fun to watch no matter what side you were cheering for. 
But here is some more news to cheer about, sales in Avon Lake are up 15% over this time last year.  That's great for what is considered to be a slow time of year.  Homes are in demand in this area and why not?  Schooling is among the best in Northeast Ohio, the city has new retail development with JC … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Avon Lake Real Estate / Homes. What a great week to witness a great town. - 01/25/09 02:34 PM

Having 4 young kids of my own you can only imagine how busy my weekends tend to get.  Well this one was incredible with 2 basketball games (that I assist coaching), a wrestling tournament for the Avon Lake little Shoreman, Indoor soccer game (that was a travel game) and finally a Night at the Races local church benefit (adult time finally). 
Anyway through that entire weekend I have to say what a great town of people we have here in Avon Lake. Everyone tends to know everyone. There in no bad mouthing a parent or someones kid.  There are always joking, some fun … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Avon Lake Homes for Sale: Avon Lake Schools continue to shine!! - 01/22/09 04:11 PM

Avon Lake schools have another proud note.  They were honored for the second year in a row as one of the country's best schools, according to U.S. News and World Report.
U.S. News ranks schools nationally each year based on how they do on state test scores, college preparedness and other factors. Schools are given gold, silver, bronze or honorable mention awards based on how students achieve. Just 100 schools nationwide - including four in Ohio - received the gold this year. Avon Lake High again won the silver award.
What does this say for Avon Lake schools? Well allot.  … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Avon Lake Homes: Fireplace safety - 12/25/08 02:51 PM
Thought I share some local tips I have learned as my fireplace was inspected last week.
Have your chimney inspected by a qualified professional every year and cleaned if needed. Use a metal screen or door in front of fireplaces and wood burning stoves to keep sparks and ashes from contacting the floor or furniture. Keep fires small. Ash buildup in the chimney can ignite with excessive heat caused by larger fires. Open a window 1"-2" when burning a fireplace. Good ventilation can provide adequate outside air for combustion and will minimize backventing. Backventing is caused by lack of adequate air that … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Relocation to the Cleveland area.. Check out Avon Lake - 10/22/08 03:45 PM

Looking for a great small town just west of Cleveland.  Check out Avon Lake. Avon Lake is located 18 miles west of downtown Cleveland and 10 miles east of downtown Lorain. Elyria is 15 miles southwest.
A little history. Avon Lake was first settled in 1812, when the area was part of Cuyahoga County (it became part of Lorain County in 1822) and separated from the Township (now City) of Avon in 1915 to form the Township of Avon Lake. Railroad tracks are the point of division between the two cities. Avon Lake gained city status in 1960 with a … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Homecoming Festiviites in Avon Lake - 10/04/08 06:24 AM
Still a great time to stop by in Avon Lake Ohio and check out the local venders for Halloween and Fall home decorating ideas.  The shopping is in the parking lot of the town center shopping plaza.  Come on down and check out some great values.


bay village homes real estate: Relocation Part 2: Communication with buyers in relocation. - 09/28/08 02:00 PM

Businesses may force families into relocation when neither partners or one of the partners may not be ready.  The partner whose business has caused the relocation may be excited about the change for a number of reasons.  But on the other side the spouse or partner may not be ready for the change.  Leaving family, friends, established education for the kids, and breaking familiar routines causing a mixed bag of emotions.  After all, it is "change" and there is the uncertainty of whether things just may not be as good as family has now. 
   So how does a Realtor help with … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Bay Village holds tough in light of power loss. - 09/18/08 02:45 PM

City of Bay Village suffered massive power loss over last Sunday that has left some people with out power for several days. Through all this I have been impressed on how well organized the city is at handling such emergencies.  The communication from fire and police to the citizens of that community has been incredible.  Traffic signal problems were resolved.  Monitoring of the elderly and handicapped was set in place. And 3rd the city service department has been working in overdrive to keep the city safe and in motion.  The city has improved over the many years in handling large scale … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Getting that home ready for sale. Part One: Bathroom. - 09/18/08 01:21 PM
Why did I pick the bathroom? Because it is one of most looked over rooms in the home next to the kitchen and is probably the most ignored.  Why people ignore the bathroom? Well because it is the bathroom.  Here are some simple suggestions to consider.
1.      Look over the caulking.  Dirty and missing caulking though you may have gotten use to will be a hold terror to the potential buyer.  It just looks dirty to the buyer.  If you can do it your self try to clean the dirty caulking with a cleaner.  Letting it soak before removing it.  … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Buying a home - Consider that Home Warranty - 09/13/08 04:33 PM

Consider that Home Warrantyin your contract negotiations. I have seen 3 homes benefit from making that choice in the last 2 months.  No, I am not a dealer for home warranties.  I am a Realtor that has used what I believe exceptional home inspectors in my clients purchasing or selling their home.  However, there are simply things that are not seen.  The most recent that occurred was an L-pipe on the second floor bathroom that started to leak badly as my buyers were in their 2nd month of ownership. $1700 for the total job that included drywall on ceiling of the … (0 comments)

bay village homes real estate: Remember curb appeal will boost the interest in that home. - 08/16/08 04:17 PM
 VISIT AVONLAKE.ORG... see one great place to live!! 
I can not tell you the number of homes I have driven that have just not been prepared by simple eye sight to be placed on the market.  These are not bank owned vacant homes these are homes owner have contracted with a Realtor to sell. 
If you are working with someone who has not helped you put together a visual presentation of the home re look at your situation.  If you want people to be curious and driven to take a look at that home you need bait people through curb appeal

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