meet the builder: Learn How To Landscape Your New (or Existing) Home | Special Event with Stanton Homes - 09/22/10 08:51 AM
Landscape on a Budget - Meet the Builder Special Event! Saturday October 9th, 12 to 3 pm - Landscaping Presentation at 1pm
If you plan for landscaping at the same time you design your home, you'll save money while opening up opportunities that dramatically emphasize your home and increase your outdoor enjoyment.
Come on out and see how to do it first-hand, at the Stanton Homes Meet the Builder event featuring landscape professionals from Mark Sanborn Landscaping Company. 

This Planning for Landscaping open house event will be on site at a new custom home (the Beaufort plan) under construction … (9 comments)

meet the builder: Learn About Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting on a Budget | Custom Home Open House - 09/21/10 04:41 AM
Outdoor Lighting and Landscaping - Meet the Builder Special Event! Saturday October 9th, 12 to 3 pm Even if you're not looking to include outdoor lighting right now, a few changes during construction can make a BIG difference to your future plans.  Learn what to do, and how outdoor landscape lighting can make an incredible difference in the appeal of your home.
Stanton Homes and Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals Inc are offering a very special "Meet the Builder" open house, where you can learn what to include during construction to make your future outdoor lighting easy and inexpensive.
Learn from an outdoor lighting veteran, and … (3 comments)

meet the builder: Open House Chatham County | Meet the Builder Open House in Horizon - 08/29/10 11:21 PM
Chatham County Open House Event! Saturday Sept 11th - "Muddy Boots" Meet the Builder - LIVE Spray Foam Demonstrations Join Stanton Homes for a special "Muddy Boots Meet the Builder" open house in Chatham County, just off 15/501!
LIVE Spray Foam Demonstrations - 1 pm, Saturday Sept 11th Stanton Homes will be offering a LIVE Demonstration with Spray Foam Insulation! Spray foam insulation is sprayed directly on to the walls and roofline of the home.
It expands and sets in a matter of minutes, offering superior insulation, humidity control, and cleaner indoor air.
Foam insulation is 3-4 times more energy efficient than conventional … (2 comments)

meet the builder: What is Geothermal? Learn About How Geothermal Works - 06/10/10 04:54 AM
Behind the Scenes with Geothermal Heating and Cooling - "Meet the Builder" Event Raleigh New Home Builder Offers Free Information Session Saturday June 19th Join Stanton Homes for a behind-the-scenes "Muddy Boots Meet the Builder" that demonstrates the value of going geothermal. 
This detailed Geothermal unwrap is straight from the experts who install it, on site at a home under construction, so you'll be able to see as well as hear all about it.  
The builder will be on hand, as well, to answer everything you've got about building your own home - including what makes sense and saves dollars.
Meet The Builder Open … (3 comments)

meet the builder: "Muddy Boots Meet the Builder" - Triangle Green Home Tour Sneak Peak - 03/16/10 08:23 AM
Green Building Talk by Energy Star Partner of the Year Southern Energy Management Find out what goes inside the walls of a Green Tour Home! Join Stanton Homes for a special green home "Muddy Boots Meet the Builder" on Saturday March 27th in Horizon, near Chapel Hill.
Construction Secrets: Tour and Talk 12 pm - 3 pm Walk through one of the Triangle's Green Home Tour homes now under construction with renowned local builder Stan Williams of Stanton Homes and listen to an exclusive presentation by Southern Energy Management, one of the nation's top sustainable energy companies.
Exclusive Energy Presentation - … (3 comments)

meet the builder: "Muddy Boots" Meet the Builder - Sunday November 15th - 10/28/09 10:58 PM
New Homes Raleigh NC
Sunday November 15th 12-4pm "Muddy Boots" Meet the Builder Event Join Stanton Homes for a special "Muddy Boots Meet the Builder" event on Sunday November 15th in Horizon (directions below). 
Walk through a custom home with renowned local builder Stan Williams of Stanton Homes.
See what happens as the walls go up - and learn about the process that makes a difference underneath the details and decorating.
It's like walking through the blueprints, as the Stanton Homes team explains the process from design to conception.
This tour offers insight into special design solutions offered by Stanton Homes, available in … (5 comments)

meet the builder: "Meet the Builder" at Horizon - Open House Event - 09/09/09 10:45 PM
Special "Meet the Builder" at Horizon   Sunday September 20th 12-4 pm    Horizon is grabbing attention! Horizon is a new countryside neighborhood, just minutes from the city, with custom homes on acreage. 
Only 8 minutes south of Chapel Hill, one mile off Highway 15/501, just past Fearrington Village.     
Learn About:  
Building a Custom Home 
Green Features and Certification
Floor Plan Modifications
Building On Your Lot
Triangle New Home Communities
Universal Design/Accessible Homes
Green Building
Mother-in-Law Suites
Bayer MaterialScience High Performance Residential Program - Guaranteed Savings And More!
Bring your floor plan, or send a link to your favorite plan ahead of time, and we'll … (2 comments)

meet the builder: Questions to Ask Your Local Home Builder - Top 10 Things HomeBuyers Want To Know - 05/28/08 01:42 AM
Top 10 New Home Trends  
At Stanton Homes, we believe that the more information a homebuyer has, the more comfortable they will be with the purchase of their new home - and the more likely that new home will be to meet all of their needs.   So here's the top 10 recent questions we've been asked - and their answers. 

No matter who your builder is, they should be happy to work with you to answer questions like these.  In the meantime, feel free to browse through some of these topics. 
1.   I Need More Pantry Space - What … (6 comments)

meet the builder: Can I move the pantry on this floorplan? It might be easier than you think.... - 05/27/08 10:53 PM
Custom Home Floor Plan Modifications Kitchen Design - How to Move a Pantry  
We were recently asked this question:  "Can I move the pantry on this floor plan?  I really need some more storage space."
The answer, almost always, is YES.  When working with a custom home builder, you should be able to adjust a floor plan to better suit your needs.  Here's a recent example.

In the original floorplan for this home, the kitchen area was a bit awkward. 
The laundry closet impacted space in the breakfast room, and the kitchen felt small because of the entrance … (4 comments)

meet the builder: Do I want a woodburning fireplace or a gas fireplace? Top 10 Things to Consider - 05/25/08 10:47 PM
Should I Buy a Wood or Gas Fireplace? New Homes with Fireplaces  
We were recently asked this question:  "Should we include a woodburning fireplace in our new home?  And if not, why not?"
That's a good question.
In many jurisdictions, the decision has been taken out of the homebuyer's hands.  Many districts no longer allow installation of woodburning fireplaces, mainly because of air pollution issues.
Check with your builder to see if woodburning fireplaces are allowed.  For example, the Horizon custom homes community located in Chatham County DOES allow wood burning fireplaces.
If woodburning fireplaces are allowed, here are some … (23 comments)

meet the builder: I Want to Build a Home - How Long Should I Sign a Rental Contract For, or When Should I Plan to Move? - 05/19/08 10:35 PM
We were recently asked this question:  "We want to build a new home.  What is a standard construction time?"
To answer this question, your builder will have to ask you some questions first:
Have you chosen a floor plan?  Do you own a lot, or have you made a final decision on which lot or piece of land you want to purchase? Have you decided on any changes to be made to the floor plan? Have you made a final decision on which builder you will use? Construction times can vary greatly by price point and by builder.  
In our case, … (7 comments)

meet the builder: I've noticed both concrete and wood front porches in this area. What should I be looking for? - 05/18/08 11:01 PM
Front Porch Styles - Which is Better, Concrete or Wood?  
We were recently asked this question:  "Is a concrete  or wood front porch or deck a better choice?"

If you've been touring any Raleigh new homes lately, you've probably noticed a good combination of styles of front porches. 
Most entry level homes have slab foundations with a ground level concrete porch. 
Mid-level homes are usually built with a crawl space foundation instead of a slab, and the entry of the home is usually several steps above the ground. 
Some have concrete porches with a few brick … (12 comments)

meet the builder: Worried about bedroom noise? Here's how to take care of that problem. - 05/17/08 10:43 PM
New Home Floor Plans - Master Bedroom Location  
We were recently asked this question:  "I like this floor plan, but am concerned about noise between the living and bedroom areas.  What are my options?"
As an increasing number of families are considering one story and main floor master bedroom homes, the end result is that master bedrooms are moving closer to living spaces.  Not a problem in most cases.  There's easy access for midnight snacks, no stairs to climb...  But what if spouses have very different habits?
Noise inside the master bedroom can be a major concern if one spouse works … (15 comments)

meet the builder: How much does a septic system cost? Here's what a builder looks for... - 05/15/08 09:35 PM
How Much Does a Septic System Cost?  
One of the biggest questions on the mind of a homebuyer building on their lot is usually the cost of the septic system.
And the answer:  It depends.  If you're getting a home construction bid, make sure your septic system allowance will be sufficient for the unique requirements of your lot and floor plan. 
Septic system costs vary widely, depending on soil conditions, size of system, type of system, county requirements, and more.  
A typical Septic system in the Raleigh/Triangle area can be anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, with most falling in … (8 comments)

meet the builder: What can I do to change the exterior of a home I'm considering building? - 05/14/08 10:57 PM
How to Change the Exterior of a Home | Custom Designed Home Exteriors  
After looking at thousands of floor plans, this is my favorite.  However, I don't like the exterior.  Can I have this interior, with a different exterior?
As a builder, this is a question we answer fairly often.
You may have looked at many, many floor plans before finding one that really works for you. 
But perhaps the exterior of the home just doesn't have the feel that you were thinking of.
There are definitely options to change the exterior look of the home.  
An experienced … (6 comments)

meet the builder: My lot is rated for a 3 bedroom septic system. I want to build a 4 bedroom home. Do I have any options? - 05/14/08 10:31 PM
Septic System Questions - How to Buy a Lot  
When purchasing a lot, there are two important septic system questions that need to be answered.

First - does the lot perk?  If the answer is yes, great! 
Second, how many bedrooms is the lot rated for?  You'll want to make sure the rating supports the number of bedrooms you want to build.
But what if you've already purchased a lot that is rated for a 3 bedroom septic system, but want to build a 4 bedroom home?
There are several options that may allow you to build a four … (9 comments)

meet the builder: Answers to Building a Home, Buying a Home, and Financing a Home - 05/08/08 02:09 AM
Special Event for Veterans and Military Personnel
Thinking of Buying a First, Second or Retirement Home?
Thinking of Building a Custom Home?
What to Know What Your Lending Options Are?
Stanton Homes is hosting a Veteran and Military Open House Event, where our builder and local lenders will answer questions about Building a Home, Buying a Home, and Financing a Home, with a special emphasis on Military and Veteran homebuyers. 

The Veteran and Military Personnel Meet the Builder and Lender Event will be held in the Cattail Creek neighborhood in Chatham County from 1-4pm on Sunday, June 22, 2008. 

meet the builder: Answers to Top Custom Home Building and Remodeling Questions: Septic System Cost, Exteriors, Floor Plans, Construction Financing, and More - 05/06/08 10:32 PM
Looking for answers to your building and remodeling questions?  Get them here!  
Stanton Homes provides one-on-one advice to homebuyers thinking of building a home anywhere throughout central North Carolina.

- My lot is rated for a 3 bedroom septic system.  I want to build a 4 bedroom home.  Do I have any options?
- After looking at thousands of floor plans, this is my favorite.  However, I don't like the exterior.  Can I have this interior, with a different exterior?
- I like this floor plan, but am concerned about noise between the living and bedroom areas.  What are … (0 comments)

meet the builder: Meet The Builder Event - Custom Home Builder Offers Insight on Home Building and Remodeling Projects - Sunday September 21 12-4pm - 04/28/08 07:06 AM
Meet the Builder Event in Chatham County  
Raleigh Custom Home Builder Stanton Homes offers one-on-one conversation forum, with insight for your custom projects from a local builder perspective
Raleigh, NC - Meet-the-Builder, "One Neighbor to Another," at a question-and-answer forum hosted by Stanton Homes on Sunday, September 21, from noon to 4pm at 680 Rebecca Lane in Cattail Creek, just northwest of Pittsboro in Chatham County.
"This is a conversation opportunity for people who aren't sure where to start with their custom home projects," said Stan Williams, CEO of Stanton Homes.  "It's all about you - and the questions you have about new … (2 comments)

meet the builder: Ask Questions About New Home Construction, Remodeling, Floor Plans - 04/24/08 08:41 AM
 "One Neighbor to Another" Meet the Builder Event in Chatham County  
Sponsored by Raleigh Custom Home Builder Stanton Homes
Expert opinions - on our dime - about your project
Looking for a knowledgeable point of view about that new home, remodeling project or building concept you're planning? Bring your floor plan, blueprints and ideas, and let a local, Licensed General Contractor and custom home builder give you his thoughts - as one neighbor to another.
Stanton Homes is sponsoring a free "Meet the Builder" event on Sunday September 21st, 12pm - 4pm, in Chatham County, with CEO Stan Williams … (2 comments)

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