new home trends: Designing Your Staircase: Post to Post vs Over the Post | Staircase Design Photos - 10/12/11 01:49 AM
Staircase Design Ideas and Photos What's Better - "Post to Post" or "Over the Post"  Building or remodeling a two story home?   One of the things you'll want to think about is your staircase style and design options!   The staircase is often placed within view of the foyer, so it has the ability to make or break a first impression of your home.
When selecting your NC custom home staircase style, will you choose a Post to Post or Over the Post staircase design? 
What is a Post to Post Staircase Design? In a post to post staircase design, the handrails run between two … (2 comments)

new home trends: Eight New Home Trends You Don't Want to Miss - 07/13/11 11:42 PM
Top 8 New Home Trends - How Today's New Home is Changing Most Top Changes in Today's New Homes Today's budget-conscious homes are designed to save energy and space
New home buyers and builders have been asked, across the nation, what they want to see built.  Here's what Raleigh new home builders are changing, to meet the needs of today's home buyer.
1.  Energy Efficiency - Raleigh New Home Trends
Energy efficient homes are a top focus, as energy costs continue to rise.
Homebuyers are adding more into building budgets in exchange for substantially lower monthly energy costs.
When homebuyers evaluate new home builders … (6 comments)

new home trends: Front Door Trends: What Colors are Most Popular for New Home Front Doors? - 06/07/11 08:03 AM
New Home Front Door Trends Popular Front Door Styles and Colors  
What front door styles and colors are most popular right now? Many homebuyers have chosen RED for their new home front doors.
Take a look at these new custom homes, and see what makes these entranceways so special.

Black shutters and roofing, white siding, brick accents, and a bright red door make this contemporary home stand out.
Stately columns are placed on either side of the front steps.
Transom windows surround the front door, allowing more light into the foyer.
Watch a video tour of this home here.


new home trends: New Homes with Fireplaces Hits 23 Year Low - 02/23/11 03:08 AM
Fireplaces Disappearing in Today's New Homes Fireplaces can be practical, as a backup source for heating when there's no electricity or gas.
Fireplaces can be romantic, as a cozy gathering place on a wintery evening.
But for close to the majority of new homeowners, fireplaces aren't even in the picture.
According to the Census Bureau, the number of new homes built without a fireplace reached 49% in 2009, the highest percentage since 1975. 
In 1990, 66% of new homes included a fireplace. After that, the trend began to shift away from fireplaces.  The graph shows the trend since 1995.

 What could be … (4 comments)

new home trends: Are Three Plus Baths Still Popular in Today's New Home? - 02/08/11 12:51 AM
Three Plus Bathrooms Declining in Popularity New Home Trends and Tips from Custom Home Builders Have you been in many new homes lately?  Been counting bathrooms?
The number of bathrooms is decreasing in new homes, after rising for several years.  This represents a greater trend towards smaller, more cost efficient homes.

According to data from the Census Bureau, the number of new homes built with three or more bathrooms peaked in 2007 and 2008.  2009 and 2010 saw a 14% decrease in the number of homes built with 3+ baths, moving from 28% of total homes built to 24% of … (6 comments)

new home trends: Top 10 Most Interesting Articles of 2010: New Home Trends and Ideas - 01/03/11 05:38 AM
Top 10 Most Viewed New Home Articles of 2010 New Home Design Tips, Trends, and Photos that Caught Your Attention Well, here they are!  These are the Top 10 MOST INTERESTING articles of 2010 - with design trends and tips that popped up in new custom homes throughout Raleigh NC and across the nation. 
Find out how to make your new home someplace you'll want to live the rest of your life, with these ideas:
1.  Tub Surrounds - Secondary Baths that WOW Your Guests with Tile
See tile trends that make your bath stand out, along with photos of some … (8 comments)

new home trends: Most Popular Cabinet Options | Top 5 Hottest Base Cabinet Storage Options - 12/19/10 11:01 PM
 How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Options Top 5 Most Popular Base Cabinet Options Designing your new kitchen cabinet layout can be exciting - and challenging!  It's very helpful to work with a professional designer, to best determine the ideal layout for the kitchen in your new home.  One of the questions you'll answer is "What base cabinet options should I choose for my new kitchen?"
Here are five of the most popular base cabinet options, as selected in our new NC custom homes. 

Top 5 Most Popular Base Cabinet Storage Solutions #1:  Base Recycling Center
A pull out garbage/recycle center … (8 comments)

new home trends: Kitchen Tile Ideas: Top 5 Tile Backsplashes for the Kitchen - 12/01/10 02:09 AM
Kitchen Tile Ideas | Kitchen Tile Backsplash Photos Top 5 Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your New Kitchen Walk into any kitchen, and the first thing you'll notice is the cabinets, the countertops, and the layout or design.  That wall space between the upper cabinets and countertops can blend right in - or add a real wow factor with a full tile backsplash. 
Here are some of the top 2012 kitchen tile backsplash ideas!
Kitchen Tile Ideas | Kitchen Backsplash #1:
A combination of colors and texture draws the eye to this kitchen backsplash.
4x4 light taupe tiles are used as the base.
An … (7 comments)

new home trends: New Homes: Top 10 Most Requested Features - 11/30/10 10:51 PM
Top 10 New Home Features in NC New Homes What most buyers want from new home builders The most requested new home design features for NC new homes focus on efficiency in everyday living.
A survey of more than 11,000 home buyers showed a clear indication that the things that matter most are these 10 top new home features:
1.  Walk In Closets
Today's NC new home builders are installing more walk-in closets. Organized storage space is seen as an essential even in NC new homes with less square footage than in recent years. 
2.  Energy Efficient Appliances
Home-made meals cooked on … (6 comments)

new home trends: What is the Hardest Hardwood Floor? | Durham Custom Home Builder Tips - 11/12/10 02:51 AM
How hardy is your hardwood floor? Durham Custom Home Builder Tips Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular upgrades in any new home in the Durham area.
But not all hardwood is really "hard." Some wood flooring might actually be more prone to scratches, gouges and wear.  Here's what you need to know, when you make your choice.
The Janka (or side) hardness test ranks hardwoods by measuring the force needed to embed a .444 inch steel ball halfway into the wood.
This is one of the hardwood industry's best measures to determine whether a wood species will withstand denting and … (9 comments)

new home trends: That's Not An Installation Defect Under The Kitchen Sink; It's The Work Of A Genius. - 10/12/10 03:43 AM
Ever tried to fill the "built in" soap container at your kitchen sink?  Read this, and you'll be off to Lowe's and Costco before you wash your hands again.  What a great idea!
One of my least favorite chores in the kitchen has always been re-filling the built-in hand soap dispenser at my kitchen sink.  Through years of extensive research in to this matter, I've discovered that I'm not alone.  Approximately 57.3% of soap dispensers in the Twin Cities metro area remain unfilled; sitting next to the empty soap dispensers, I often find unsightly store-bought bottles of hand soap.
I have … (8 comments)

new home trends: Kitchen Appliance Trends | What Kitchen Appliances are People Buying Today? - 09/26/10 11:26 PM
Kitchen Appliances in New Homes Replacement Kitchen Appliance Trends The market for kitchen appliances has changed quite a bit in the past few years - as you may have noticed if you've checked out any local appliance showroom lately!
The NAHB Research Center conducts an Annual Consumer Practices Survey, and has all the latest on the market for replacement kitchen appliances.  Remember, this tracts replacement appliances, not new home appliances - but you'll probably see some similarities!
Ranges and Ovens - Appliance Trends Freestanding oven/range combinations are becoming less popular for remodels, as more unique cooking options become available.
2005 - Freestanding … (11 comments)

new home trends: New Homes in Raleigh | Wrap Around Front Porches | Front Porch Cost and Styles - 08/26/10 11:08 PM
Raleigh New Homes| Wrap Around Front Porches Homes with Wrap Around Front Porches in the Raleigh Area How Much Do Front Porches Cost?  What Types of Front Porches are Available?
Looking to add a touch of elegance to your Raleigh new home? A wrap around porch could be the in-feature you are looking for.
Raleigh new home builders are seeing increased popularity for wrap around front porches and the reasons why are easy to understand.
More social and entertainment space at a lower cost per square foot.
Additional living space.
A sunrise view in the morning or a sunset view at night. All day … (8 comments)

new home trends: The Top 10 Home Improvements That Could Devalue Your Home - 08/09/10 03:19 AM
While this was written by Donna Dazzo for existing homeowners, there are some excellent points for new home buyers as well! 
Think carefully about what you're selecting for your new home, and how the floorplan is laid out.  You may not plan to sell soon, but chances are you'll be putting your home on the market someday - and you'll want it to appeal to as many homebuyers as possible. 

Sometimes, making an improvement to your home could actually hurt you when you try to sell it. 
Here are the top 10 home improvements that can make your home harder to … (3 comments)

new home trends: Top 5 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas - Behind the Cooktop - 07/20/10 12:18 AM
Tile Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen Top 5 Tile Design Ideas for Behind the Cooktop Whether you're considering buying a new home or remodeling your current home, a tile backsplash can add both value and drama to your kitchen, while making those walls easy to clean.
While you can add a full height tile backsplash later, it can make sense to install at the same time the new countertops go in.  You'll have a clean line from countertop to cabinets, and won't have to worry about removing a standard 3"-4" laminate or granite splash later.
Here are some great ideas for your kitchen … (17 comments)

new home trends: New Home Trends - Top 10 Dos and Donts for Your Kitchen - 06/22/10 01:49 AM
Planning Your New Kitchen Top 10 Cabinetry Dos and Donts The kitchen is the heart of the home.  But an organized, functional kitchen takes extra planning.  We've put together a list of the top ten things you'll want to keep in mind for your new home or kitchen remodel.  Here's how to get started. 

1.  Drawers Don't forget the drawers.  Consider adding a few extra drawers to your base cabinets. 
Drawers are great for utensils, measuring cups, towels and hot pads, and even tupperware. 
Balance the location of drawers throughout the kitchen.

2.  Spices and Cooking Oil Do think … (4 comments)

new home trends: Formal Dining - Yes or No in Your Next Home? - 06/09/10 12:01 AM
New Home Trends -  Formal Dining Rooms Are Formal Dining Rooms here to stay, or on their way out? Have formal dining rooms come to the end of their life span?
Here are some reasons why you may be seeing fewer formal dining rooms in new homes you've been touring.
- Smaller Homes
Today's new home is smaller for the first time in many years.  In a smaller home, space must be used in the best way possible. 
- Informal Living
Homebuyers are asking for more family-oriented space, and open floor plans. 
- Breakfast Nook and Dining Combined
Breakfast nooks tend … (101 comments)

new home trends: Create a Stress-Free Master Bath - on any budget - 06/07/10 06:08 AM
The Master Bath - Your De-Stress Zone What's the one room Mom can go in the house for a little peace and quiet?  Chances are, it's the master bath.  This retreat-at-home can be a special place, no matter what the budget.  Here's how.
1.  Choose colors carefully. Color choice can be very emotional.  Oranges and yellows are very stimulating, and can actually increase the heart rate in very large doses. 
Blues, indigos, and violets tend to be soothing.  Greens can go either way, depending on whether they are blue or yellow based. 
Not sure about painting the room?  Stay neutral, and … (5 comments)

new home trends: Tub Enclosure Tile Ideas | Bathroom Tub Photos | Custom Tile Design Trends - 05/17/10 11:45 PM
Tub Enclosure Tile Ideas Custom Tile Photos and Designs for the Bathroom  
Whether you're remodeling or building a new custom home, a custom tile shower/tub combination can make a big difference in your guest or master bath.  Custom tile treatments can be cost effective, or well worth the splurge.
A tub/shower combination can really get dressed up with a full tile surround.  Here are some photos and ideas for your custom tile bathroom.
Tub Enclosure Tile Idea - Going Small Most tub enclosures are planned with 12"x12" tiles.  A 6" tile is much more labor intensive.  There are four tiles to carefully place … (8 comments)

new home trends: Built In Bookcases and Bookshelves | Photos and Ideas | New Home Trends - 04/20/10 02:48 AM
Bookcase Ideas - Built In Bookshelves Decorative Bookcase Photos and Ideas for Your New Home
A little more storage never hurt.  Whether you're a book lover, or just looking for an appealing, permanent place to display your favorite curios, a built in bookcase can add value and character to your new home.
There are many different styles of built in bookcases.  Here are a few different bookcase ideas and pictures for your new home.

Built in bookshelves are most commonly found next to the fireplace in the Family Room, Great Room, or Living Room. 
Bookcases can be set in to the wall, with … (6 comments)

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