raleigh new homes: 17 Top Design Trends for 2017 in Faster Selling Homes - 01/09/17 02:55 AM
What's trending in new homes in 2017?  Here are 17 of the top features, finishes, and floor plans that this custom home builder sees making their mark this year! 

raleigh new homes: Is the Pass-Through Kitchen Layout Making a Come Back? - 09/02/14 07:35 AM
Pass-Throughs in Your Kitchen 
Kitchen Layouts With Retro Designs 
Kitchen pass-through windows were once used primarily as a place to send dishes from the kitchen to the formal dining room.
In modern home designs, pass-through windows serve an additional, aesthetic purpose: they increase visibility between rooms, add unique lines of sight, and promote an open concept design.
While kitchen pass-throughs were once small spaces (think of a mid-twentieth century diner-style service wall), they are now designed as full-height openings or large archways.
A pass-through can be added to almost any kitchen layout.  See 7 kitchen pass through designs in these Raleigh custom homes.
Kitchens with a pass-through, … (3 comments)

raleigh new homes: 16 Top Master Suite Entry Design Ideas - 07/28/14 12:22 AM
Master Suite Entry Designs2017 New Home Trends - Raleigh Custom Home Builder Tips
From grand columns to inviting nooks, we'll show you 16 ways to design the entrance to your master suite.
While some of these entrance designs may depend on your floor plan layout, other can be added to almost any home.
Master Suite Entry Design 1: White column entrance
White columns create an impressive passageway to this master suite. This entrance, visible from all major living areas, is sure to capture the attention of friends and family.
The Beaufort
You will more likely see a white column entrance to a first floor master suite, where … (2 comments)

raleigh new homes: Home Building Guide - Top 10 Questions to Ask - 05/27/14 04:49 AM
 Questions to Ask before Choosing a House Plan  
When choosing the right home plan for your North Carolina new home, there's a lot of options to consider - from overall plan layout to personal lifestyle preferences. 
Here are ten questions to ask before choosing your 2014 home plan.
  House Plan Question #1:  How many bedrooms and baths do I need? While the number of bedrooms you'll need is probably fairly firm, the number of baths may be more flexible.
Consider a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom - popular in 2014 new house plans - especially for those with several children.


raleigh new homes: 12 "His and Her" Master Bath Designs - 03/11/14 06:49 AM
"His and Her" Master Bath Designs  
How to Create the Perfect Master Bath Layout If you're like many NC new home owners, you crave a division of personal space for your morning and evening rituals.

"His-and-her" master bath designs provide invaluable convenience in shared bathrooms.
Read on to learn the "how to" of designing the perfect master bath layout to suit your lifestyle. 
His and her master bath Design #1: Romantic and Roman
Create complete separation, with dual vanities on opposite walls.
Rich, dark wood cabinets (Maple Espresso) ground these dual vanities in their crisp … (3 comments)

raleigh new homes: 15 Most popular floor plans of 2014 - 03/04/14 12:41 AM
15 Best Liked Floor Plans in 2014  
The hottest floor plans in 2014 reflect today's more interactive lifestyles.
Take a look at our 15 most popular floor plans for Raleigh new homes and see all the ways these designs open up opportunities to mingle and relax. 
Flexible spaces and the open feel of free-flowing kitchens, breakfast nooks, and family rooms will inspire you, no matter which most popular floor plan features you're in the market for:
- ranch and one story homes
- accessible and aging in place layout
- extended guest and in law suite addition
- open concept … (1 comments)

raleigh new homes: 2014 Kitchen Design | 7 Features You'll Find Most in New Home Kitchens - 11/06/13 03:33 AM
2014 Kitchen Design - 7 Features You'll Find Most in New Home Kitchens  
2014 Design Feature #1: Gigantic kitchen islands

Massive kitchen islands are the latest hallmark of a custom-designed kitchen. 
These islands are designed to accomodate food, entertainment, and afternoon study sessions - with plenty of places to spread out and pitch in.
See more photos of Raleigh new homes with super-sized kitchen islands, here:
The Chalet Vert (with two islands)
The Woodlake
The Country Manor
2014 Kitchen Design Feature #2: See-through fireplaces visible from the kitchen
This is a growing trend in premiere custom homes!  See-through fireplaces … (3 comments)

raleigh new homes: 2013 Wake County Parade of Homes offers Interactive Map - 09/30/13 11:49 PM
Interactive Map available for 2013 Wake County Parade of Homes
The 2013 Wake County Parade of Homes will offer the chance to view 190 different homes throughout Wake County.   If you've toured a Parade in the past, you'll enjoy the new Mapping function on the Parade of Homes website!  Check it out:
Three Weekends in October - Get Details Here
Home builders all over the Triangle are putting the final touches on this year's parade entries. 
In 2013, you'll be able to view:
1 new home in Angier 15 new homes in Apex 30 new homes in Cary 2 new homes … (0 comments)

raleigh new homes: 2013 Wake County Parade of Homes Design Tips | 10 Winning Trends - 09/20/13 05:15 AM
Wake County Parade of Homes Design Tips and Ideas Find out more about these top 10 trends featured in the Wake County 2013 Parade of Homes (Part 3 of a 3 part series from Stanton Homes)

8. Outdoor living focus
Raleigh new home builders will be emphasizing outdoor living spaces in this year's Parade of Homes, with features like:
 - Built-in fire pit
 - Outdoor kitchen
 - Multi-level deck, porch, and patio combinations
 - Second story private deck

9. Something really special
Custom homes in Raleigh featured in the Parade of Homes will have more special spaces … (0 comments)

raleigh new homes: Names for Window Grids | Types of Window Grids in Raleigh New Homes - 05/09/12 10:45 PM
Names for Window Grid Styles Types of Window Grids in Raleigh New Homes  
What are the top 3 most requested window grid styles in North Carolina new homes? Prairie, colonial, and craftsman.

See how window grid style can add personality to any new custom home - here the three most popular window grid styles in 2012 new homes.
Window grids come in a variety of materials, such as vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. 
Grids can be placed:
- inside of the window panes (interior of the home)
- outside of the window panes (exterior of … (3 comments)

raleigh new homes: Master Bedrooms with a Sitting Room | Best Master Bedroom Layouts - 05/02/12 01:16 AM
Master Bedrooms with a Sitting Room Best Master Bedroom Layouts  
Need ideas for your master bedroom floor plan? Check out custom homes that include a sitting area in the master bedroom. You'll be inspired to create a space of your own!
Why include a sitting area?  - Master bedroom sitting areas add visual appeal to the exterior of a home, especially when designed as a turret.
 -  You can include more windows in your master bedroom - giving more natural light, and opening up views to the outdoors.
-  Master bedroom sitting areas offer completely private space for quiet time, … (3 comments)

raleigh new homes: Raleigh in Top Ten Fastest Growing Metro Areas in the United States - 05/01/12 03:27 AM
2010 North Carolina Census Results
Raleigh-Cary in Top Ten Fastest Growing Cities in the United States 2010 Census Results Show Raleigh's Strong Population Growth
Raleigh-Cary has been named the fourth fastest growing metropolitan area in the nation, from the 2000 census to the 2010 census. 
The 2010 U.S. Census results showed an over 40% population increase in the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area, now reaching a population of 1,130,490.
Other metropolitan areas making the top ten fastest-growing list included: Palm Coast, FL; St. George, UT; Las Vegas-Paradise, NV; Provo-Orem, UT.  
Raleigh-Cary's population growth strongly correlates to the projected 90% increase in 2011 Raleigh building permits.
  The North Carolina census, … (1 comments)

raleigh new homes: Raleigh Named Healthiest City for Women | Raleigh Relocation - 01/16/12 01:28 AM
Raleigh Named #1 Healthiest City for Women to Live Raleigh, NC Best Place to Live  
Women's Health Magazine has rated Raleigh, NC as the healthiest U.S. city for women to live, beating out 99 of the largest U.S. cities.
Raleigh was also ranked in the top 10 healthiest cities for men to live.
Cities were ranked based on 30 health measurement categories, including:
Obesity rates Amount of time spent working out Frequency of doctor visits for health check-ups Breast cancer rates Eating the recommended serving of fruits and veggies Life expectancy rates Women's Health and Men's Health Magazines used several data sources, including:
Centers for Disease Control … (2 comments)

raleigh new homes: Which New Home Rooms are Growing in Popularity? | 2011 Home Design Trends Survey - 12/26/11 10:15 PM
Home Design Trends Survey Special Function Rooms Increasing in Popularity  
According to the American Institute of Architects's home design trends survey for second quarter 2011, some special function rooms, such as home offices, outdoor living areas, and inlaw suites have seen increased popularity over the past year. 
Some other special function rooms have shown declines in interest from 2010 to 2011, including interior greenhouses, pet rooms/interior kennels, and storm rooms/safe rooms.
AIA's survey shows these special function rooms as having an increasing interest level in 2011:
Hobby/game room In law suites Mud room Home office Outdoor living  
Here is a chart of AIA's survey results:

raleigh new homes: New Home Trends | Where are the Biggest New Homes? - 11/18/11 03:34 AM
Northeast Region Offers Largest New Homes Average New Home Size by Region According to the Census Bureau's most recent published data, the Northeast region offers, on average, the nation's largest new homes.  The smallest new homes are in the Midwest region. 
2010 Average New Home Size by Region
Northeast - 2613 sq ft
Midwest - 2265 sq ft
South - 2393 sq ft
West - 2386 sq ft
These are average new home sizes for very wide regions, and include all single family homes, both detached and townhomes.   And the Northeast average home size may be larger because, on a whole, less new home construction … (1 comments)

raleigh new homes: 2011 Wake County Market Report | Closings Up 20%, Again! - 11/16/11 11:57 PM
Wake County Real Estate Report - October 2011 Closings up 19.8% - Home Sales Continue to Increase The Triangle MLS Report for October 2011 has been released, and shows a significant increase in closings in 2011 versus 2010.
October 2010 - 698 Closed Sales in Wake County
October 2011 - 836 Closed Sales in Wake County
19.8% Increase in Closed Sales in Wake County
Not only that, but new listings are down significantly, which means there are fewer choices to select from.
October 2010 - 1721 New Listings in Wake County
October 2011 - 1368 New Listings in Wake County
20.5% DECREASE in New Listings Available in Wake County

raleigh new homes: Wake County Market Report - Closings Up More than 20% Versus Last Year! - 10/19/11 04:47 AM
Wake County Real Estate Report - September 2011 Closings up 20.4% - Home Sales Increasing The Triangle MLS Report for September 2011 has been released, and shows a significant increase in closings in 2011 versus 2010.
September 2010 - 769 Closed Sales in Wake County
September 2011 - 1027 Closed Sales in Wake County
20.4% Increase in Closed Sales in Wake County
Not only that, but new listings are down significantly, which means there are fewer choices to select from.
September 2010 - 1776 New Listings in Wake County
September 2011 - 1460 New Listings in Wake County
17.8% DECREASE in New Listings Available in Wake County

raleigh new homes: What types of Hardwood Flooring are Best for Pets? | Raleigh New Home Tips and Trends - 10/09/11 10:55 PM
Wondering what type of hardwood flooring will stand up best to your pets in your new Raleigh home? 
We get asked this question often - so I'm going to share this great answer from Debbie Gartner at Floor Coverings International, who has answered the question thoroughly here! 
Any comments should be made on the original post, thanks.
I get this question often from my customers - which type of hardwood should I use for pets?  It's a hard question to answer because truthfully all hardwood will dent and scratch over time - it's just a matter of how much and how … (5 comments)

raleigh new homes: Got A Refrigerator In Your Garage? You're Wasting Money! - 10/05/11 04:04 AM
Thinking of buying a new home?  One thing to consider during custom construction is whether or not you'll ever want or need a second refrigerator.  
If the answer is YES, talk to your builder about adding a dedicated circuit in the Laundry Room or Mudroom.   If the Laundry Room isn't quite big enough as drawn, your builder may be able to adjust the room size, and eliminate the necessity of putting that extra fridge in the garage!

We can redesign your kitchen floor plan to put everything just where you need it – BEFORE you build.
Choosing to build your … (7 comments)

raleigh new homes: 10 Designer Tips - How to Give Your New Home Personality - 10/04/11 01:19 AM
How to make your new home model perfect, on a budget Top Ten Interior Design Tips  
1. Floor Plan Modifications Will your builder make small changes to your favorite floor plan?
Bigger closets, additional storage (including builtins), wider hallways – design every space you use to make the most of what you do. 
2. Design The architectural design you choose for the exterior of your home should be reflected inside.
Don’t build a Craftsman home and decorate it like a traditional Victorian home.

3. Special effects Archways, barrel vault ceilings, vault ceilings, and trey ceilings can give your home upscale appeal – … (12 comments)

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