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Joe Petrowsky - makes some excellent comments regarding the difference between getting your mortgage funding from a bank or a licensed mortgage loan officer.  As he says, the biggest difference is "you don't get me."“Loan Officers Working for Banks Don’t Have to be Licensed” From time to time, I ...
Debe Maxwell in Charlotte, NC makes an excellent point regarding the purchase process for homes.  Though she tailored it for the Charlotte area, it is applicable throughout the country,I’ve Already Done The Research Online; Now, Can You Write An Offer for Me? I often get the question, “What infor...
Endre has set forth a very thorough and understandable presentation on the proposed "Qualified Mortgage" program.  We all need to be aware of this, and what some of the implications might be for the mortgage marketplace and home buying in general.What is a Qualified Mortgage and Why should you ca...
As Tim and Julie Harris point out in the following blog, if there is any possibility that you might be considering a Short Sale (or you are in business of assisting folks with Short Sales) - it is very important to understand that Timing can be very important - and could mean tens of thousands of...

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