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Industry Observer - No Longer Processing Mortgages. - MLO #293441 expired
Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - V This week we find a drop down to only seven (7) foreclosures in the legal notices of the local paper (TNT).  This is down from last week's total of sixteen.   What is interesting about this week's listings is that contrary to last couple times when most o...
FHA CHANGE in Two Weeks   One of the overlooked changes that will affect all FHA borrowers, and will make things even more challenging in the future, as loan officers have to explain to the borrower why their APR is so much higher than their stated rate. If you are considering having your buyer (...
Looks like BoA is playing heartless again.  Though Gail made the three modification payments in a timely manner, BoA has declined the modification.  Please consider reblogging -- liking -- tweeting about this to get them to reconsider. BOA SENT ME A DECLINE LETTER TODAY AS MY HUSBAND WAS BEING AD...
Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - IV Here we go again, with the numbers climbing again this week.  There were sixteen foreclosure sales listed in the legal notices section of the local newspaper (The Tacoma News Tribune).  This is equal to the total of the last two weeks combined. Of these,...
Anderson Island Memorial Weekend Pancake Breakfast As they have for many years now, the Anderson Island Fire Department will be putting on their Memorial Weekend Pancake Breakfast.  This year it will be on Sunday, May 26 from 8 am to noon. This fund raiser for the Anderson Island Fire Department ...
A Break in Our Dry Spell This past weekend, the Seattle-Tacoma area set a record for the longest dry spell to start the month of May.  It had previously been 9 days, but it wasn't until late Saturday or early Sunday (depending on where one was located that this dry spell ended.   In Tacoma, ours ...
Joe Petrowsky from Connecticutt gives some good words of warning to those who may be having troubles with their credit.  I am in full agreement with him, having recently had a client who spent much money and many months, without getting any results.  When they contacted me, I gave them some advis...
Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - III As we continue through this spring (acting more like summer here in the Seattle Tacoma area) - the foreclosures continue to show up in the legal notices section of the newspaper. For those who missed it, two weeks ago, there were 40 listings in the loca...
Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - II Earlier this week, I reported on the number of foreclosures that appeared in the local newspaper last Friday (40). As it is again Friday, the newspaper has listed the upcoming foreclosure sales today.  This time there were only 10.  Maybe last week was j...
SPRING BRINGS SALES - In Foreclosures As spring has come upon us, the sales of homes has begun in earnest.  Some are even complaining about lack of inventory to meet the needs of their buyers.  This brings about what has not been seen in some time - bidding wars. In light of such a change in the ...

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