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Industry Observer - No Longer Processing Mortgages. - MLO #293441 expired
Dry but Wet In Tacoma, Washington. Many of you may remember that in the early fall, we went for 48 days without any measurable precipitation.  And since we get so much precipitation around here (that's why everything is so green), that we want to be very accurate in measuring it, so have got it d...
In this post from J Phillip Faranda, from Westchester County, New York, shares the good news that the financial bill passed by both houses last night includes a one year continuance of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act extension.You can all exhale. The Fiscal Cliff deal passed in the wee h...
George Souto has written another great post.  This time on the continued problems that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suggesting.   One thing he doesn't mention in his comments, is that many lenders are already charging higher rates for those who have lower loan amounts (some the cut...
Sharron Kelly, a Realtor in the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois has put together an excellent post on the 3.8% tax on real estate that is going into effect in 2013, as part of the Health Care overhaul process.   She has made it very clear, and recommends one should consult with a CPA before getting...
Tacoma's First Night comes again Tonight.  For those who haven't already purchased their admission, price for those over 6 years is $14.00.  If you purchase online, you will get a paper ticket, that can be turned in at several participating locations to get the official First Night Button, which ...
Gene Mundt, out of the greater Chicago area, has provided an outstanding article about the importance of credit scores, not just for purchasing a home or a car, but also in setting up relationships with those you might wnat to partner with in the future.  The many links in the article help with s...
Pamela Seeley in California has put out some very good information on the foundation of the entire real estate bubble problem.  This is news that the main streem media, for what ever reason, doesn't seem to want to broadcast.It Was the Community Reinvestment Act All AlongThat caused the housing b...
Debi Braulik has posted a very good piece on the Holiday with Lights program that takes place at Wild Waves Amusement park in Federal Way during December.Holiday With Lights at Wild Waves in Federal Way   The entire family can enjoy Wild Waves this winter. From December 14th to December 31st Wili...
Kristal Kraft in Denver has put together some very important information for those who use widgets on their website/blogs -- and how some of those widgets may be used to take the other party's website above yours in Search Engine results.I've never understood why agents are so willing to help oth...
George Souto has done everyone a great favor by clearly laying out the FHA guidelines for getting a new FHA loan, if one has gone through a short sale or foreclosure recently. If you have any questions on your specific situation, please contact me for a free review.Yesterday I posted a blog on "H...

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