home staging: The Secret to Staging a Vacant Home - 06/14/10 04:18 AM
 Several years back, during the high of the real estate market, "home staging" was not a term that most realtors and home owners were aware of.  Now that the real estate market has hit an all time low, sellers and their agents are desperate to make their property stand out in the sea of competition.  Sure, everyone knows to clean up the clutter, put the family photos away, and add some fresh flowers, but there is much more to home staging, especially when staging a vacant home. 
Developers and builders have known the staging secret for years.  The secret? A staged home will absolutely … (6 comments)

home staging: Wilmette, IL Chamber of Commerce Presentation: Staging you Retail Space - 09/05/09 01:57 AM
I gave this presentation to the Wilmette, IL, Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of the Summer and have had several retailers ask for in-store consultations.  Just proves that "staging" is not only beneficial to your home, but any place where you hope to attract "buyers!"  Enjoy!
Create a Warm, Inviting and Profitable Retail Space: A Presentation for the Wilmette, IL, Chamber of Commerce
Think slow sales at your retail store are due to the recession?  THINK AGAIN! It's true that most retailers are seeing slower sales in this tough economy, however, knowing how to increase your appeal, could be just the secret to … (5 comments)

home staging: Chicago Hi-Rise on Museum Park Campus Sells Out Thanks to Four Staged Models!! - 09/03/09 02:30 PM
Yes, we all know the real estate market is in a slump...afterall, we hear it from the media on a daily basis!  What we don't hear about are the great staging success stories that continue to help developers, builders, and the average joe sell their properties in a timely fashion.
Last June, I received a call from a large Chicago developer inquiring about staging a condo in a new hi-rise development on the Museum Park campus.  This developer was used to spending tens of thousands of dollars on 'professionally designed' models, complete with built-ins, wallpaper, and tons of over the top features that … (4 comments)

home staging: Who Says the Real Estate Market is Tanking in Chicago, IL...Not with Good Staging!! - 08/28/09 12:47 PM
If you think the real estate market is bad, you haven't been around a good stager!!  This week alone, 3 of the 4 properties I staged in July, in the Chicagoland area, have gone under contract!! 
The first, a $358K, 2 bedroom condo on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive, went under contract just 23 days after staging.  The unit was fairly updated, and the owner had left a few random pieces of furniture to work with.  By chosing more neutral paint colors and bringing in furniture and accessories to round out what the owner had left behind, the condo went from bland to SOLD!


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