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For years, our hearts have been captivated by the enchanting spectacle of this beautifully decorated home that is practically the homeowner's holiday card for the neighborhood. A tradition so cherished that it has become a timeless beacon of joy for both young and old. Back in December 2014, I pe...
I wholeheartedly agree with Margaret Rome's position that making a low-ball offer is not an insult. The insult is not having an offer. A low-ball offer is starting a conversation.   Is it negotiable?     This is almost always the second question after asking for the price.    Hmm...Isn't everythi...
Blogger Charita Cadenhead makes excellent points that complement my blog post, too.  Three Things Home Sellers Should Know about Multiple Of ( We all know that sellers hate it when a buyer submits what is perceived as a lowball offer and it may very well be just that. I say "percei...
Broker Mike Tolj offers a perspective of the place of micro-spaces in commercial real estate. Think of the potential micro-units will have in the office space market. Just as tiny homes have their market, tiny micro spaces in commercial real estate are an  opportunity for the right stage of the b...
This townhome for rent in Tempe 85282 is in a small, well-cared for community between two important arteries:  College Avenue and Rural Road. It is within biking distance to downtown Tempe, and within walking distance to grocery store shopping, restaurants, banks, cleaners, places of worship.    ...
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!Gratitude turns what we have into enough!May our homes be the place of shelter, comfort and happy memories!
No matter what the market is – hot, slow, balanced – some properties will always receive multiple offers.Do Sellers know if their agent is skilled in handling multiple offer situations? Do they ask their agent how they will handle a multiple offer situations, when interviewing them for the listin...
Ten Ants in Common   When purchasing a home, an buyer possesses all interests or each owner shares in equal or unequal percentages, while maintaining privileges to all areas. This means that all have the right to use a property in its entirety.   HOME is where the 💟 RESIDES.   Types of home owne...
We can easily spend a whole day at the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix Arizona and not even realize how quickly the time has flown. Especially, on a Signature Event Day.  The link here provides the whole program of the Experience France event that I will be describing below.Signature Events...
Another favorite destination of ours is the Nordic Village Flagstaff - cross country skiing experience.This photo was taken in early March 2023, and that's about the time when we see the last snow in the Nordic Village. The nearby downhill skiing place Snowball has snow a little bit later, until ...

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