desert botanical garden: Evening Clouds after the Rain in Phoenix AZ - 03/12/20 09:16 AM
One of the rare experiences in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun is walking in the desert after a rain - all the plant and tree fragrances, the bird songs, the exquisite sitings, the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. To me it feels like the desert equivalent of a forest walk.
View of the Camelback Mountain, Phoenix AZ
Yesterday was a long rainy day and when the rain stopped in the evening, it brought us those views and the smell of the creosyte bush in the air.

desert botanical garden: Favorite Summer Destination in Phoenix AZ - Flashlight Tours at DBG - 07/18/19 04:16 PM
The flashlight tours at the Desert Botanical Garden are a favorite destination during the summer months. Every year, and every week  there are different actvities and exhibits that capture the delight and imagination of visitors - from young kids to adults. Docents and Volunteers at the garden have stories to tell about the creatures that can be found at the Garden, and wild, in Nature in our Sonoran Desert. This desert tortoise was one of the first to welcome us in the garden on the day of our visit.
During flashlight tours, we and the kids can also experience setting up a … (9 comments)

desert botanical garden: April in Phoenix AZ - Palo Verde in Bloom - 04/14/18 09:52 AM
April is a favorite month in our climate in Arizona. Temperatures are inviting for outdoors activities - hiking, biking, visits to the Botanical Garden. The various cactus plants are starting to bloom and add magenta, yellow, orange, cream colors to the scenery.
The picture above is a Palo Verde tree - in its yellow bloom colors and pretty green bark. Underneath the tree is a solid yellow carpet, too. The green bark is not only beautiful, but functional, too - it allows photosynthesis to take place and to feed the plant, even after the green leaves have fallen off in the fall.


desert botanical garden: December in Phoenix AZ - 12/23/17 08:36 AM
This December 2017 brought a lot of new discoveries for me in Phoenix.
I had seen it before, but this year I actually visited the skating rink, huddled so cozily between Central Ave and Washington street, in the CityScape Center, downtown Phoenix.
Next year, if I get into a nostalgic childhood mood, I will head there again - Live music, hot chocolate, people gliding on the ice.
Adding to the beauty, and inviting us to reflect upon the world around us were the two Phoenix Art Museum installations by artists Saskia Jorda and Melissa Martinez.
Desert Botanical Garden is another favorite destination any time of … (21 comments)

desert botanical garden: Desert Botanical Garden - Flashlight Tours - 07/01/17 12:10 PM
Desert Botanical Garden is a favorite destination all year round. It is located centrally among the cities of Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix. It is a great place for learning about the desert and enjoying its beauty.
Over the years, during the summer months,  the flashlight tours have become very popular. They are self-guided tours with flashlights on paved trails with various learning and entertainment stations along the trail.  The docents at the booths are knowledgeable and engaging. This year's theme of the flashlight tours is the sensory experience of the desert at night - see it, hear it, touch it.
I like to start my evening walk while it's still twilight … (10 comments)

desert botanical garden: Desert Botanical Gardens - Popular Destination This Time of Year - 11/28/16 11:01 AM
The Desert Botanical Garden is a popular destination always and, in particular, about this time of year.
The popular event 
LAS NOCHES DE LAS LUMINARIAS 2016goes on from November 25, 2016 to December 31, 2016 - concerts, food court and beautiful lights.
Members and visitors would be wise to check in advance the garden events web-pages for availability of tickets, as they sell out often well in advance. 
Below are the hours the garden is open, as well as the free admission day info:
Open Daily:
October - April/ 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Free Admission:
Second Tuesday of every month from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
We love to take … (5 comments)

desert botanical garden: Desert Landscaping Ideas - 09/16/15 11:52 PM
Those three fellows are happy with rain or shine weather in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. I saw them a few days ago at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

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