tempe real estate: Bold, Uplifting Hues and Colors - 11/01/20 11:13 AM
We saw a beautiful flower, swaying leisurely in the late October sun. 
Then we started seeing that it must have inspired many artists and designers, as we kept seeing this color throughout the day. 
We stopped at the beautiful gift shop, and lingered around the creations of the local artists.
This color goes so well with October Arizona weather. 

tempe real estate: Beautiful Mid-Century Custom Home in Bowen Place Tempe 85281 - 09/25/20 03:01 PM
I loved listing this beautiful, custom home in Bowen Place, Tempe 85281.
The home was built in 1957, and updated several years ago.
So much character and beauty!
The response was outstanding.
The home is within walking distance to a popular City Park, which also hosts a Farmer's market once a week. By the Farmer's Market area is the community garden , where people from the community can rent a raised-bed planters, meet with other neighbors and create a supplemental organically-grown food source for themselves and for those who need it.
The home is also within a walking distance to another neighborhood favorite Boulders on Broadway - a … (13 comments)

tempe real estate: KNOELL TEMPE UNIT 2 in Tempe AZ 85282 - 09/06/20 04:12 PM
KNOELL TEMPE UNIT 2 is a subdivion, consisting of about 315 single family homes.
Its location at the Tempe/ Mesa border is quite desirable as it allows easy access to Loop 101 and Freeway 60. Getting on Loop 101 North is also an easy connection to Scottsdale. Ehrhardt Park is nearby, and the subdivision borders with the lovely Tempe Friendship Village. Mesa Community College and Banner Health Hospital are a little further east along Southern Avenue.
The size of homes in KNOELL TEMPE UNIT 2 vary from about about 1300 sq.ft. to 2300 sq.ft. The homes were built between 1970 and 1971, … (20 comments)

tempe real estate: Views from Top of the Rock - 08/28/20 09:06 PM
Tonight's views of the Phoenix Downtown and Tempe must have been pretty exciting for many hikers. I started counting how many were visible on my photo.
Let me know what number you will come up with.
Here is a close-up picture. 
It was about 108°F, but somehow we get used to it and don't notice it after a while.
The climb up those rocks is pretty easy, and the path is winding and gradual. So it is attractive for many hikers to try it.

tempe real estate: Creative Studio - Main House and a Designer Casita - Downtown Phoenix - 07/27/20 08:50 PM
Have you wished that you lived close to down town activity, in a historic neighborhood, in a spacious home with all the character of 100 year old homes, yet new interior and new comfort systems, with a spacious yard and a small house in the back yard. 
That's what this home with a casita is - 325 N 12th street Phoenix AZ 85006, offered at $499,900.
The primary house, shown on the top photo, was architect-designed to be open and for use as a creative live/work studio home. It is 1700 square feet - ground level, and a loft. The small house in the back is about 450 … (22 comments)

tempe real estate: Cool Morning Walk on Papago Park Walk Trail - 05/31/20 08:45 AM
6 a.m. is a great time to be walking on this walking path at Papago Park Trail - the air is cool, the sun is not as hot, we can hear the quails, an occasional jack-rabbit will cross the path.
Papago Park Walking Path - Mapped Route
The park is very close to downtown Tempe, and it is practically bordering the three cities - Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe. I snapped quickly a photo of down town Tempe, and of down town Phoenix. If I walk around the red butte I can see Scottsdale, too. This morning my walk was shorter - by 6:40 … (9 comments)

tempe real estate: Book Award: The Search for a Community on an American Street - 05/21/20 10:44 AM
The title of a book " The Search for a Community on an American Street: One Sleepover at a Time"  (Peter Lovenheim, Author) caught my attention this morning in a newsletter I receive from Zocalo Public Square, an ASU organization in Los Angeles. This journalistic site, which I had enjoyed tremendously over the years,  has started an annual book award, and the selected book is its first award. 
Zocalo Public Square's mission is connecting people to ideas and to each other. Over the years I have attended many thought-provoking events they organized in the Tempe/Phoenix area - the idea of live journalism is very … (4 comments)

tempe real estate: Hollyhock Blooming Now in Our Home - 05/10/20 05:22 PM
I have been watching every day a new bud turning into a blooming flower on the hollyhock plant at home.
We have some planted in a container and some in the ground.
We are curious to see if any of them will remain perennial and will bloom year after year.
I was intially intrigued what it is, when I was listening a docent talk about the Hollyhock house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the aesthetic which combined indoor and outdoor living spaces. 
I attached a link to the phrase Hollyhock house in case you prefer to peek there, in stead of typing the name on … (16 comments)

tempe real estate: More Hobby Rooms with Music Theme - 04/30/20 07:56 AM
During my most recent home tours, I noticed more hobby rooms that were equipped as music rooms - much to my delight. These are good vibes around the home.
The music theme continued in the yard, too, with the staff of birds, singing.
I have always had an interest in where we interact with art in our homes. I had written in previous years about the tokonoma, a nook in a Japanese home, to display a visual about the season and a flower arrangement. The Phoenix Art Museum has a tokonoma on display, with a fresh ikebana arrangement, any time I visit it.

tempe real estate: Ocotillo on Arizona - 04/12/20 07:48 AM
The ocotillo plant grows well in Arizona. It is a tall, spiky bush with reddish-yellow blooms. Because of my petite height, usually I cannot get close to its them. Yesterday, I saw one that beckoned me to take a photo of it. 
Ocotillo Blossom, April 2020, Scottsdale AZ
This flower is prettiest in April - somehow we don't cut them to put in a vase. Like all the plants in Arizona it's telling us to keep my distance and just enjoy its beauty. Some people have a more practical relationship with the ocotillo plant - they know how to shake hands with it, and to turn it into a … (14 comments)

tempe real estate: A Starfish Story - Making a Difference To Just One - 12/21/19 09:11 AM
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, " What are you doing?" The youth replied, " Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die."  "Son," the man said, " don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can't make a difference!" After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into … (4 comments)

tempe real estate: The True Cost of Not Owning Your Home - 12/01/19 09:44 AM
There are great advantages to owning a home, yet many people continue to rent. The financial benefits are just some of the reasons why homeownership has been a part of the long-standing American dream.
Realtor.com reported that:
“Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term – that remains the American dream, and it’s true in many markets where renting has become really the shortsighted option…as people get more savings in their pockets, buying becomes the better option.”
Why is owning a home financially better than renting? Here are the top 5 financial benefits of homeownership:
Homeownership is a form of forced savings. … (6 comments)

tempe real estate: November Weather in Tempe AZ - 11/25/19 06:02 PM
I hadn't seen hail in Tempe AZ since maybe 2011.
When the hail started pounding on our roof,  I grabbed the camera to snap a photo of the rare phenomenon. A lot of other people were doing the same and posting on NextDoor - a whole street covered in little white spheres.
They were melting quickly, as you can expect.

tempe real estate: Rent vs. Own - Leverage Your Live-in Investment to Build Wealth - 08/11/19 03:37 PM
Rent vs. Own - Leverage Your Live-in Investment to Build Wealth

Owning a home has great financial benefits. The single best opportunity to build wealth is homeownership.
Let’s breakdown 5 major financial benefits of homeownership:
1. Housing is typically the one leveraged investment available
2. You’re paying for housing whether you own or rent
3. Owning is usually a form of “forced savings”
4. Owning is a hedge against inflation
5. There are still substantial tax benefits to owning (*Consult your tax advisor to confirm your personal tax benefits)

 *Infographic provided by KCM

The Bottom Line:

Owning … (5 comments)

tempe real estate: Oh, Those Eyes - 08/11/19 02:32 PM
I was at a gift store yesterday, looking for decor accents for a coming soon listing in Tempe, and came across those colorful creatures.
It seems the guy in the hat was keeping an eye on me, demanding attention and checking if I would look anywhere else besides at him. I was so impressed with the different expressions of the eyes of each one of them.
I felt very much at home in their company, as I keep one of them on my desk and often admire the artistry.
Navajo Folk Art Chicken.

tempe real estate: The Versatility of Tile Nowadays - 07/28/19 01:07 PM
Tile is a very popular flooring option in Phoenix, AZ - it keeps the rooms cool, it is easy to maintain, and does not store dust, as carpet does.
After designers made tile to look like wood, now I can see it is starting to resemble carpet and area rugs. I liked these ideas. 

tempe real estate: Just Sold - In Mistwood Condominiums, Dwight Park Neighborhoods - 06/28/19 09:34 AM
This lovely condo in Mistwood Condominiums, Tempe AZ 85282 is now sold.
2-master bedrooms, 1,092 sq.ft. Tempe AZ 85282
Sold Price $190,000
The Sellers received multiple offers within a day on the market. The fact that the first day on the market was a Monday, did not stop the showing activity. Just another proof that the real estate market is still quite hot in Tempe AZ. The Sellers wanted to repair and perfect everything in the home, to clean it thoroughly, including the windows, interior and exterior, before it was put on the market. It took a few days longer than expected, but in the end … (8 comments)

tempe real estate: Tips For Picking a Loan Term For Your Home Mortgage - 06/18/19 09:04 AM

How Do You Pick The Best Loan Term? Home mortgage loans are one of the most common sources of financing. Lots of home buyers will put some serious thought into what loan term they should go with. How do your pick the loan term that is best for your financial circumstances? Hopefully, by the time you're done reading you'll have a better sense of direction on that. You can also visit the resource at Maximum Real Estate Exposure for additional guidance.
Numerous lenders offer mortgages for nearly any loan term you desire. Most people, however, assume conventional fixed-rate mortgages are … (0 comments)

tempe real estate: Where Are the Small HOAs in Tempe? (2) - Juniper Village - 06/07/19 04:08 PM
Juniper Village in Tempe AZ 85283 is a small community of 48 detached patio homes. Twenty seven of them are single story and twenty one homes have two stories. The size of homes is approximately between 1,050  and 1,500 sq.ft. The subdivision was built in 1983-84. The regular assessment for the Home-Owners Association is approximately $150 per month and covers pool and common areas maintenance.
Reviewing home sales for the last five years, from January 2015 till June 2019, we see that there are one to three home sales per year. 
A three-bedroom, two-bath home of 1,479 sq.ft. sold for $174,000 in April 2015, and a three-bedroom, two-bath home of 1,502 … (8 comments)

tempe real estate: My Walk Along College Ave. to Arizona State University - 05/27/19 03:40 PM
A question from a potential Buyer about the home for sale in 512 E Balboa Dr. prompted me to take this walk along College Ave to Arizona State University, Tempe Campus. The lovely weather and the breeze today made my stroll quite enjoyable and I learned more details about the history of the neighborhood, too.
Walking or biking along College Avenue feels like you are in a park.

Along the street, there are trees for us to enjoy and for the birds to perch on and sing, there is public art to entertain us, there are poems to tell us about the history of the place. Traffic … (14 comments)

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