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Are you wondering what the latest updates are on short sales?  What exactly is a short sale, what are the processes and steps, and is it the right option for you? Stephen Christie gives a quick update on the topic.......     Always feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have, ...
Do you want more business in 2011?  How about referral business from other agents?  Would you like to mastermind with like-minded agents thoughout the country? How about lead generation systems - do you want to refine the systems that you have, or add new systems, or both? And our mindset and tho...
I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with thousands of real estate agents over the last 20 years, from all over North America, and from all walks of life.  I am always intrigued as to what their "Why" is.  "Why" they chose to sell real estate.  Some sell so that they can "be their own b...
We get asked all the time to define what EXACTLY a short sale is, and what the process is, and how one qualifies for one.  Here are the answers to all these questions.....     Always feel free to contact us.  Our goal is to be your resource so that you can make the best decision for you and your ...
Come on, people! Let's make 2011 incredible for all of us by referring clients to one another, networking, and sharing business ideas!  All of our clients deserve the best in the industry, and what better way than to ensure that they are cared for professionally and ethically than to refer them t...

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