south jersey real estate: 4 Places South Jersey Real Estate Agents Say, “Don’t Go Cheap!” - 07/22/09 04:16 AM
As most South Jersey real estate agents will tell you, remodeling, decorating or repairing your home can go a long way towards getting it sold.  For that matter, it can add value to your property in case you want to sell later - that is, if you don't choose the wrong places to buy cheap:
• Windows - Never buy a window based on which one is cheapest.  You want windows that look good, and, as most South Jersey real estate agents will recommend, you want energy-efficient windows.  During 2009 and 2010, you may be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit for … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: Downsizing Your South Jersey Home - 05/11/09 12:40 AM

Sometimes the motive for selling your home isn't about upsizing, it's about downsizing. Downsizing isn't necessarily about spending less money.  Just as frequently, it's about increasing your home's amenities while decreasing the work and responsibilities involved in a larger home. There are a lot of excellent reasons for downsizing your South Jersey home. 
 The kids have grown up and moved awayYou want less work inside and/or outYou just want to enjoy your home without hassleYou want something smaller and greener to save energy and the environmentYou want community amenities such as golf and tennisYou want luxuries like a granite countertop, … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: Information to Have On Hand When Selling Your South Jersey Real Estate - 05/08/09 01:23 AM

Selling your property, whether it is a primary home or income property, is easier if you have the information your buyers are likely to want to know on hand. Type up an info sheet answering the most commonly asked questions buyers have when looking at South Jersey real estate for sale such as:How old is the roof?What comes with the property?  Window treatments? Do all of the appliances come with the property?How old are the appliances?Does the basement leak?Where are the hot water heater, the electrical service panel, and other important maintenance items located? Are they easy to access?Are you … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: Is the Timing Right to Buy South Jersey Real Estate? - 05/07/09 04:17 AM
There are many wonderful reasons to want a home of your own. Right now is an excellent time to pick up a great deal on South Jersey real estate. It's definitely a buyer's market where you can purchase homes at historically low prices. To be sure the time is right for you, answer a few simple questions for yourself:

Are you ready to stay put for more than three years?If you move around a lot, have a job that sends you to different locales all the time, or just haven't found the area you want to settle down in, it … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: How To Buy South Jersey Real Estate For Sale By Owner - 05/07/09 03:21 AM

There are a few misconceptions about buying South Jersey real estate from a "for sale by owner" (FSBO). 
Seller Isn't SeriousSome buyers think that the seller isn't serious about selling the house, that they're just testing the market.  While this is true in some cases, most sellers will accept an offer that is close to the asking price at any time. Sometimes South Jersey real estate for sale by owner will sit on the market for a while.  This may be because the owner is not open to negotiations on the sale price.  More often, it's because the owner doesn't … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: Get to Know Your South Jersey Real Estate Agent Before Saying I Do - 05/07/09 01:10 AM
Choosing a South Jersey real estate agent is a lot like finding the perfect mate: there are plenty out there but just because they are available doesn't mean a relationship will work. There are plenty of real estate agents out there to help you purchase South Jersey real estate, and like the old saying about relationships says, there's someone for everyone.
Simply walking in off the street and signing a contract with the first REALTOR® you meet is a pretty sure way to end up in real estate divorce.  Here are some tips on how to make the relationship last.
Get … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: How Can Obama's Housing Plan for South Jersey Real Estate Help You? - 05/04/09 07:37 AM

The housing plan included in President Obama's stimulus package has many good qualities that will help those seeking South Jersey real estate.
There are two main points to the housing plan:
1.) To help people once again obtain reasonable mortgages to afford the home of their dreams.2.) To keep people in the homes they already have.
If it works the way it is planned, it is reason for a collective sigh of relief for millions of homeowners feeling threatened by foreclosures.That's really it in a nutshell. There are many incentives wrapped up in each of those two areas to help … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: How The Stimulus Plan Helps You Buy a South Jersey Home - 05/04/09 05:55 AM

The new stimulus plan has given many people new hope for their housing futures. At first, many worried that the stimulus package would merely help the banks and other financial institutions and not the actual homeowner looking to buy a South Jersey home.  But, it has become clear that the people who really win with the new plan are those who are counted as -prospective home buyers.
Stimulus for Banks and BuyersThe stimulus package provides huge tax rebates in 2009, and while that is a limited provision, the savings are enormous for those who get out there and buy a … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: 4 Prime Places to Purchase South Jersey Real Estate Investments - 05/04/09 05:21 AM
When looking for property that will be a good investment either as a rental, resale, flip, or even a home that will eventually be worth a great deal more than you originally paid, location is a paramount concern. For the very best in South Jersey real estate investments, location means more than just being situated in a good neighborhood-it means a location with perks.
Lakefront Property - There is something about a home that sits on a lake that makes it an amazingly popular property. Perhaps it's the ability to wake up in the morning and have coffee looking out over … (0 comments)

south jersey real estate: 3 Things to Avoid When Preparing to Purchase South Jersey Real Estate - 05/04/09 04:53 AM

If you are thinking about buying South Jersey real estate in the near future, there are three activities you should avoid. These are normal things we all do from time to time, but are unwise when contemplating a new mortgage application.
Change careers: This is different than just changing jobs. If you have recently gotten a new job in the same field, at the same or better pay, and your past history shows long, solid employment, all should be fine. Changing careers entirely is more of an issue. You have no history of steady employment and income in the new … (0 comments)

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