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Welcome to Joyce Porter, the newest subscriber. Her website is http://joyceporter-homes.com. I've found that when we do these links, it helps the website show up on Google. Then, a few weeks later on the Yahoo! results, and finally months later maybe on Bing. How important is that Google "Juice" ...
Steve Colburn joined us and wants to shop on-line with his clients. With the new Craigslist template he'll be able to share his listings not only with Omahans but nationawide. In our study, 36% of the traffic on Omaha Craigslist is from outside the metro area. That makes this a listing tool.
There's a lot of time wasted driving clients around to see homes they know very little about. Has this happened to you? You pull into the driveway and the clients say, "I don't want to see this one?" We have a better idea: And our agents all have a mobile version of the website as well. If you're...
Facebook has 500 million users. Must be something they're doing right. So, we took their idea and put it on a website. View our website. How do you get people to your agent website? Sure, that's a problem and we all need help with that. But what happens once they come? Do they stay? Can you track...
Thanksgiving already? And then the "Slow month" for selling homes? Doesn't that mean a bit more work to get the word out on your websites? I've heard there's more requests for information on holidays than usual. Makes sense since that's when people are shopping on-line. Okay he not my friend, but...
More and more people are using Google's new feature whereby the more you type, the more your search is refined. These are called long-tail searches and they virtually eliminate all but the organic searches. Google Rocks!and annoying. I don't know what your experience is but I receive a call about...
It's now a daily occurrence and volatile market with $600 Billion being put into the economy by the Federal Reserve Bank. Good to see people following this closely. Increases in the money supply could mean inflation, which means tightening of money, raising interest rates, etc. NOW is a good time...
80% of all credit reports have errors. The sooner you find out what your credit score is, the better off everybody is. Getting pre-qualified is different from being pre-approved. Don't take this journey alone, and don't just accept your FICO score as your final grade. Credit Enhancement, Credit R...
Your credit score is NOT your final grade. It's a starting point! But who knows this? Who cares? The mortgage broker? The lender? The Seller? Most of the Real Estate Agents? The higher your buyer's credit (FICO) score, the lower their mortgage rate, the lower their payments. The better your FICO ...
The O.A.B.R. released an enhancement through Paragon that allows agents to enter open houses and have them show up on nearly 50 websites in the Omaha area. This is being adopted slowly but steadily. As of today there are already 150 open houses through Paragon!  FREE is a good deal! View the Open...

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Consumers use the internet to shop for homes. When they find an agent, do they all STOP shopping online? Why not shop online with them? That's the premise for 4114Homes.com. Instead of taking them to 10 homes on Saturday they MIGHT be interested, send that list of 10 to them and ask which 4 they'd like to see! Consumers, have you ever pulled into a driveway for a home and said, "I don't want to see this one" without even getting out of the car? You can see the location with TWO Maps using 4114Homes.com Know before you go? Duh!