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Are you worried your home may be going to foreclosure? Have you failed to make your mortgage payments?  You may qualify for a short sale as an alternative. It is best to speak to a real estate agent that is certified in short sales and foreclosure.  If you sell your home in a short sale, you can ...
 Has anyone completed a recent short sale with Chase.  I just want to say how slow the process is.  It seems when in the past when there were thousands more short sales Chase was more efficient.  It has been a slow process when Chase asks for one thing from me . . . a week goes by . . . asks for ...
  Out of the five homes I showed today to one of my buyers, not one had heat over 50 degrees.  When it is really cold inside the house, it is difficult for my buyers to feel like home and hard to concentrate on what is important about the home because they are ready to leave when they get there b...
My buyers and I went to one of the homes on the list of homes we were touring and we walked in and my buyers were so facisnated by all of the decorations, they forgot what the space was like, what the kitchen looked like, whether the stove was gas or electric.  They asked me more questions about ...
In the past 2 weeks I have received more than normal leads from buyers that already are currently working with an agent.  So I ask why are you not contacting your agent?  The responses are as follows . . ..  1.  I don't want to bother my agent but when I find something then I will contact my agen...
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Even when you think your Thanksgiving isn't perfect . . . Giving Thanks to what we do have and who we have in our lives is what this day is about.  Enjoy your family, friends, food, drink and day off from Real Estate!   
I was just speaking to a friend of mine who just had her mortgage loan switched from Wells Fargo Home Morgage to Specialized Loan Servicing.  Her loan was one that wasn't supposed to be sold and after all of the years gone by they sold it.  She looked up the reviews and there are so many recent c...
Today I showed about 12 homes.  The one thing I noticed about 9 of the 12 are the gutters were already full of leaves and debris.  The exterior of the home looks so much better without leaves filled, sticks hanging over, and debris over flowing the gutters.  This time of year is when we have to m...
There seems to be a difference of opinion regarding the amount of time you have to present an offer to your seller.  Here is the scenario . . . On morning of October 7, 2016 called listing agent and asked if any offers for a particular property.  Seller said yes, offer deadline is Saturday Octobe...
 My first transaction was in 2005, of course I had no idea that it was the beginning of a downward spiral of a collapsed market but that is for another blog.  I had my license for 2 weeks and then it happened. I was working at a law firm full time and just got my license when one of the attorneys...

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