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Where do you want to be in 5 years ? If you could look back in time 5 years ago-- where you are today, is that what you would have seen. We have 2 choices in life; 1. To go after our dreams and let nothing stop us, reach our goals and have respect for ourself. or 2 Not go after our dreams, and la...
I am on and if ANYONE wants to ad me to their friends list that would be great.  I am looking to hooking up with some real estate agents there.  Its a great way to see whats going on with people without having to call them.  Its quick and easy, plus there is a 1 on 1 chat site which ...
There are some people that walk, talk, eat and sleep real estate, and others that are not as excited.  From my experience I can see that alot of AR members are the excited real estate professionals. I think it would be a great idea to have a live chat room.  Does anyone know of any?  I think it w...
Being in Western PA is a great place to live.  We are in the top 10 for real estate markets least affected by the fall in the house pricing economy. Western PA may not have had the big rise in inflation a few years ago, but that is turn is helping our area in a massive way.  The higher you go ( w...
Spring is the best time to buy a house.  This Spring especially is a great Spring time to buy.1. Spring brings rain, now before you start rolling your eyes think about this-- rain will let you see if the roof leaks and if the basement leaks.  During the summer and fall there is not much rain, and...

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