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Repeat after me: I AM FREE... Free you mind of past mistakes and you will see the future clearer.  Free you mind of negative thoughts and you will be able to create more positive views of what you see.  When you look at things more positively you will be happier, healthier and have more energy. ...
Welcome to 2129 Adams St in Natrona Heights PA 15065.  Beautiful well maintained home. Solid brick house with a fenced in back yard for the pets and kids. Bright and like new inside. This beautiful house has a large Living Room to spend time with the family.The Master Bedroom is 17x10.Time to co...
Incidentally, What IS happiness... That is a wonderful question to ask yourself. Can you openly describe what happiness means to you? Can you get into detail about happiness when asked. The more detailed and passionate you are in your definition of happiness... means the more chance of you obtai...
Dear Stress, Let's break up...   I know we have been together for a good bit of time, but I think it's time to move on in life.  You are no longer welcome in my house and office.  We were never that close in life but you are trying to get to clingy and I do not want to hear from you anymore--PLE...
Obsesses is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated... To be successful you have to have an obsession with that in which you seek. Do you want to make alot of money at your job? Then you have to have on obsession in learning everything there is to learn about the product then you have to h...
Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change... The only thing that stays the same is "Change" and we are in charge of how we deal with that change.  We can ignore it and stay the same in life.  If we do that we will be falling deeper and deeper behind everyday... or we can ...
Attitude is a magnet... What you think is what you attract...  You attitude is the biggest magnet in the world.  Everything that happens in life has a positive and negative outlook.  The birth of a child can be seen as a positive or negative outlook.  The death of a loved one can be a positive o...
Chalk Art is using chalk to make incredibly beautiful art work on city sidewalks and city streets. The art work is designed to play off the visual aspects that are around it. When the art work is done there are stage points that live people are stationed to make the art work look more real. I lo...
Decide that you WANT IT more than you are AFRAID OF IT... The power of "DO IT NOW !!!" is valuable in several ways; first it will get you to take action towards what you want (most people do not even get this far in getting what they want) and second is the fact that if you "DO IT NOW" you will ...
There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way... To many people in life are looking for the way to happiness.  Happiness is an attitude not a destination.  Think of the things that make you happy yet it does not make others as happy.  How about the things that upset you but does not upset o...

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