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STOP Making Excuses... I tell people that "Excuses are the easy way out... for the weak"  You are not weak, you are a unique person on earth that GOD is proud of.  GOD did not look into your life and say "I want you to be weak and average."  HE said "I am proud of you and I want you to be the BE...
No one is in charge of your happiness except you... What are you going to do today to be happy?  If you say that you don't have time,,, well, that's just poor time management.  If you say you can not afford it... well, that is just poor money management.  If you say that you don't deserve it... ...
If you have been waiting for "Once in A blue moon" to get started... Here's your sign! No excuses, only results... The time is now, not tomorrow so you can think about it alittle longer. Not next week when the weather is better, not next year so you have time to study it and think about it... Th...
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.  The challenge its to silence the mind... To heal the soul means there are issues going on in life.  Where there are issues going on the mind tends to be active with negative thoughts and ideas.  Ex. I can't do this... It's to hard... What if I fa...
Everything you see around you in the man-made world began as a thought or an idea in the mind of a single person before it was translated into reality.Thinking + DOING = Reality.What are some ideas that you have that could change the way people do things?  How about the way we see things? Or do ...
Life is about Kicking Ass--- Not Kissing it... When you go around kissing ass you can only get so far in life and by kissing alot ass you will end up eating a good bit of shit.  When you go around Kicking Ass, it does not mean you go around pushing people around, bullying them or have an attitud...
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone... What turns you on in your life?  Are you fully attaining it?  The way we grow in life is by pushing ourselves to maximize our talents and fun then continue to push ourselves through that comfort zone into new and unfamiliar territory THEN we make th...

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