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                                                                      Attention all real estate investors   We have a 10 unit multi family property available for anyone looking for a cap rate of 10% in the Pittsburgh area.  Consisting of 6 1 bedroom apartments and 4 2 bedroom apartments.  Tenants...
We as Realtors are trained to get listings and put them on the market.  Is that always the best thing to do?  My team focuses on investment properties from single family homes to larger multi family properties.  The affect of having a Keller Williams sign out front of a property (or any real esta...
Study: Pittsburgh ranks as healthiest residential market in the United States       Tim Schooley   Reporter- Pittsburgh Business Times Pittsburgh beat out the California metros of San Jose, Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Los Angeles as the healthiest residential real estate market in the United St...
Are you looking for a better way in life financially?  Do you like your job? Did you know that more millionaires have been made through real estate than an other avenue?  If you knew that you could not fail in achieving wealth in real estate, would you go after your financial dreams? What are you...
I have a binder called                          BS... FU, FU, & FU It's my leads binder. Buyers/Sellers... Follow Up, Follow Up and Follow Up !!!!! As most of you all know.  It's not in the first contact that we get most of our clients.  We HAVE to follow up on buyers and sellers within an appreh...
In today's fast paced society we have a tendency to go with the flow... and that leads us to having an  average mentality, average results, an average life style and with all the negativity now-a-days to have a negative outlook at our jobs, dealing with the public, friends, and life in general.  ...
Being real estate professionals, it is our job to get properties sold.  People come to us as Realtors to either get their properties sold and/or to find them the kind of property they are looking for.   On the sellers side-- what happens when we don't bring an offer to the sellers?  The listing e...
When you went to bed last night, did you go over everything you did that day and see how they will tie into what you will do today?  Are they going to tie into your main goals you have for the week/month/year?  We are SO accustomed to forget about what we did yesterday and focus on what we can do...
I generally work with buyers.  I'm in the process of putting team together and looking to get back into working the listing side too. I have another agent working with me and we are putting together plans for listings and buyers.  I will be the physical side of the team... dealing with most of th...
We succeed through approaite planning and taking the appropiate actions to get you to those goals.  I have plans to step up my exercising and workouts.  Tomorrow I'm doing a 5k "dirty Dash".. It's a 5k mud run with obsticles (Going to be physically challenging) starting at 10:20am.  That is going...

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