business: Morning Routine: Daily Accountability - 10/21/17 03:44 PM
Does the day seem to get away from you? If so, consider creating a morning routine. This simple habit can be very helpful over time. Winning the morning and creating a purposeful outline for your day will improve your productivity.
Habits are difficult to create but over time your daily wins will lead to success. Success is a product of your daily habits- things you don’t have to think about doing.
Creating a system or a morning routine will help you accomplish more throughout the day.  A routine will build structure and consistency in your life. We are creatures of habit. Focus on … (0 comments)

business: Want to Grow? Seek Being Uncomfortable - 07/12/17 03:35 AM
Are things becoming too easy? Comfort is a killer and can lead to no growth in all areas of life.. A comfortable routine may be great for many, but take action and try something new to learn more about yourself. The discomfort you get from trying something new is pure growth. It opens up new opportunities and makes you realize you are making progress. You are adapting to the situation. The repetition of uncomfortable tasks will build your own comfort zone. Want to grow? It begins outside of your comfort zone.Taking risks, making new connections, and putting yourself out there will … (23 comments)

business: STOP These 5 Habits to Help Purchase Your First Investment - 07/06/17 04:24 AM
What is preventing you from purchasing your next investment? Small seemingly insignificant purchases add up over time which prevent us from our next investment. Hopefully, you already know what income you have coming in as well as your expenses. Here are five habits to break to assist you in saving for your next investment.
1. Housing
This is most likely the majority of you monthly income, your largest expense. The goal should be spending no more then 30% of your income on housing. Consider where you currently live- can you possibly get a roommate or move to a less expensive area? … (9 comments)

business: Two Underrated Traits of Success - 07/05/17 05:52 AM
In a society where we have technology at our fingertips, the concept of patience is diminishing.
We want things quickly and are upset if we don’t see immediate results. We are obsessed with a quick fix or a band aid solution.
To commit to results, consistent habits will ensure progress over the long term.
One mindset shift we need to make is focusing on the long term. Understand that good things come with time. The overnight success is not an overnight success. The overnight success is a product of daily productive habits which lead to victories over time.
Short term goals are great to have, … (39 comments)

business: 3 Reasons Why An Aspiring Investor Needs to Journal - 07/04/17 04:06 PM
Can a simple practice such as journaling help you reach your goals? Journaling on a daily basis will help keep your focus and keep your focus on your goals. Writing down your thoughts is what many investors, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs has assisted them in reaching higher goals. Below are four reasons why journaling will help you as in investor.
1. Focus
One habit you can begin is reviewing your goals on a daily basis. The attention that you place on your goals, through journaling will allow you to hone into what important activities need to get done on a daily basis. … (3 comments)

business: One Secret You MUST Apply to Your Daily Habits - 07/03/17 05:01 AM
Want to improve your life?
Take a look at your daily habits. The biggest secret you must apply to your daily habits is the ability to self assess! Self assessment is the ability to evaluate your actions or daily performance.
This may seem difficult at first, but it is necessary to grow.
Self awareness will keep you on the path of continuous progress.
To begin, you need to understand where you currently are and where you want to be in the future. This is a difficult question to ask yourself. Be honest. Do you have goals? Do you want to begin investing in … (2 comments)

business: How Do I Get Started Saving Money? - 07/02/17 03:20 AM
Are you looking to increase your savings? This is a very popular question, and you may not even know where to start! These three tips will put you on the right path to begin saving money.
1. Change Your Philosophy
Currently what do you think of money? Do you not have enough to invest? Keep in mind, you need to save to invest and have a goal in mind. The goal will give you propose. First, define your goals. Do you want to have a savings goal for a house, to invest in real estate, or to buy a car? Only you can … (0 comments)

business: 7 Reasons to Invest In Multifamily - 06/30/17 04:54 AM
Are you considering investing in Multifamily? There are numerous benefits on why to invest. As a newer investor, consider why you want to invest in real estate:
Loan paydown (tenants build you equity). You are not paying the mortgage yourself! Over time, you are building wealth since you are paying down the loan. Keep in mind, when analyzing a rental property you also want to include vacancy so you can cover when you need to rent your units.
Cash Flow (Income- Expenses, passive income — IF you buy right!). You have control over your investment. Your job as an investor is to see … (2 comments)

business: How Can A Young Adult Invest Money? - 06/29/17 05:25 PM
Investing can be difficult if you don't educate yourself first!
Do you know your current income expenses on a weekly monthly level? I did this for about 2 weeks and saw I could save money by cutting simple expenses… It is a wakeup call and if you consistently spend without knowing how much you need to save to invest, you are hoping you get results without no process.
When investing, play for the long term. Understand what a good return is.
Educate yourself on the investment platform before investing. Why are you picking this over ever other investment?
Decide how much you want to … (1 comments)

business: Why Am I Unable to Focus? - 06/29/17 02:54 AM
Instant Gratification. Being present is harder than ever now. A little over 10 years ago, having a cell phone was rare. Now, everyone now has their phone in arms reach at all times. Nobody watches live tv or commercials anymore…. they are on their phones. If there has to be a commercial, it is the biggest inconvenience for us!
Now we have instant access to internet, tv can be watched own your own time, as well as music. Right now we all have such easy access to technology. We are becoming a product of technology, and it is not going anywhere sometime … (3 comments)

business: Goal Setting- Are You Doing These 5 Things? - 06/29/17 02:34 AM
If you are executing you are getting closer to your goals. Daily wins will lead to long term success. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. The key is knowing it may takes days, weeks, years to reach a specific goal. Understand that you need to enjoy the process as well as trust the process. Mindset is critical to goal setting. First, you need to believe your goals are possible, and they can even scare you!
Goals can and should be in many areas of life, not just limited to financial, personal, health, relationship etc. I would advocate against a specific focus … (13 comments)

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