home: 15 Top Tips Every Homebuyer Should Consider - 07/19/17 01:48 PM
If you are in the process of looking for a home it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities! Don’t lose sight of the things that you need vs want in a home. This checklist will help decide if the home is the right purchase for you.
Schools A good school district is vital when choosing a home, even if you don’t plan on having kids.
Nearest Starbucks/Whole Foods? Starbucks and Whole Foods spends substantial resources to decide where to open their doors next and  strategically places their locations. You home has a higher chance of appreciation if … (8 comments)

home: 5 Essentials When Buying Real Estate - 07/11/17 03:29 AM
Problems, and misunderstandings in the buying process lead to unhappy homeowners. A common one is buying close to their pre approval and then they are stretched financially. It may seem like a great purchase at the time, but will lead to frustration over time.   How do we limit these mistakes?
Homebuyers remember these five strategies when making your next real estate purchase.

#1 Stay Consistent : Real estate values tend to rise over time. If you give up on looking at properties, you will never find the home you are looking for. The key is to learn why you are losing … (5 comments)

home: 2 Questions To Ask When Selecting a Mortgage Lender - 07/08/17 03:12 AM
If you are not paying all cash, you will need a lender on your team. Remember you don’t have to put 20% down to purchase your home! You may be able to use low money down programs. How do you plan on finding a lender that best suits your needs? Do you plan on asking a family member or going online?
The key is knowing what questions to as them. Since you will be making a major financial purchase, you want to find the best lender you can find. They are a major part of your team so make sure you speak … (2 comments)

home: How Do I Get Started Saving Money? - 07/02/17 03:20 AM
Are you looking to increase your savings? This is a very popular question, and you may not even know where to start! These three tips will put you on the right path to begin saving money.
1. Change Your Philosophy
Currently what do you think of money? Do you not have enough to invest? Keep in mind, you need to save to invest and have a goal in mind. The goal will give you propose. First, define your goals. Do you want to have a savings goal for a house, to invest in real estate, or to buy a car? Only you can … (0 comments)

home: 7 Reasons to Invest In Multifamily - 06/30/17 04:54 AM
Are you considering investing in Multifamily? There are numerous benefits on why to invest. As a newer investor, consider why you want to invest in real estate:
Loan paydown (tenants build you equity). You are not paying the mortgage yourself! Over time, you are building wealth since you are paying down the loan. Keep in mind, when analyzing a rental property you also want to include vacancy so you can cover when you need to rent your units.
Cash Flow (Income- Expenses, passive income — IF you buy right!). You have control over your investment. Your job as an investor is to see … (2 comments)

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