multifamily: Breakthrough 3 Excuses That Block Investor Success - 07/16/17 02:40 AM
Excuses are unlimited of why you can’t do something. Instead of making excuses, as an investor you need to consider how you will get the deal done. Do you really want to invest in real estate? Why is it not happening now? It may take time to get your next property under contract, but enjoy the journey and keep in mind, there’s not a short term way to success.
Make the numbers work on a bad deal When analyzing properties, make sure you understand your numbers forwards and backwards. Do not lower your expenses so you can make a bad deal … (3 comments)

multifamily: Do You Know These 10 Financing Terms? - 07/01/17 06:13 AM
Looking to purchase a property? Here are ten terms you want to know and must understand if you want to make the right purchase.
1. Cash Flow
To invest in real estate, you want to have cash flow! This is your income minus expenses. Income includes rental income. Expenses can be mortgage, taxes, insurance, water, repairs etc. For example. You have a property bringing in 3000 a month. Your expenses equal 2700 a month. You have a cash flow of 300 per month. You can increase your cash flow by increasing income and decreasing expenses.
2. Appreciation
Your property has increased value over … (3 comments)

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