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What is a short sale? A short sale is the process in which the current lien holder(s) agree to reduce their payoff in efforts to sell the home on the current market. A short sale generally occurs when (1) the homeowner's mortgage exceeds the value of the home hindering the ability to sell and (2)...
I have a success story for you all. Recently I had a customer from Fontana call me because he had recently bought a home back in December and when he received his first bill he noticed that it was terribly higher. Well, what happened is that the taxes where being assessed based on the previous va...
Work related deductions are great for reducing the amount you owe to Uncle Sam at the end of the year, but it may reduce your qualifying strength. Many will argue that the amount on a W2 is true income and i agree, but  FHA, lenders, and their investors collectively are requiring that the job re...
When is it a good time to buy? My first response would be when your financial situation permits then I would say when the market is desperate. When the market is cold, buying a house/property is one of the best moves one can make. Combine it with low interest rates and a low minimum down payment ...
Within the last three months stated programs have been dropping like Mike Tyson's opponents.A Stated program is a method in which a person's true income is not verified by the lender. These programs were used frequently to qualify homeowners to buy or refinance their homes within the past years, ...
Come and visit me at my open house in Mira Loma. The home is a 3916 sq ft. home located at the end of the cul-de-sac in a brand new community. 6 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths with a large loft sits on a 7200 sq ft. lot. Fully landscaped and one of the only homes in the community with an RV parking. Th...

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