first time buyers guide: New Federal Originator Compensation Regulations Threaten Housing Recovery - A CALL TO ACTION - 02/14/11 01:26 AM
This Morning CNNMoney had an article on their website written by staff reporter Catherine Clifford. You can find the article by clicking here. While I enjoyed the article and although it does a very good job of describing the correlation of Treasury Yields as it relates to Mortgage Rates, and Pricing it fails to give the entire picture. In fact a midst the biggest sweeping change in the Mortgage Business in decades, there has been little to no coverage regarding the new Federal Compensation Regulations that has been introduced by the Federal Reserve Board. These new Regulations go into effect on April 1st, and will have … (4 comments)

first time buyers guide: Home Financing Guide Part 3, All About Interest Rates - 11/08/10 02:05 AM
Here is Part 3 of our Home Financing Guide. In this segment we take a look at everything to do with interest rates, and explain the difference between an Interest Rate and an APR. Borrowers often wonder why the APR is higher than the interest rate, and we will adress that and several other key issues with regard to the rate below.
Interest rates reflect the cost to borrower money as charged by the Lender. The higher the interest rate the higher the monthly payment (given the same loan terms). Interest rates in the mortgage market tend to be pretty … (0 comments)

first time buyers guide: Home Financing Guide For Buyers- Part 1 - 10/25/10 05:00 AM
I have been asked lately if I have a guide of some type that would help educate first time buyers with regard to to all the things they should know about buying thier first home. With that in mind here is the first part of what will be a multiple series of blogs designed to tell you everything you need to know about buying and financing a home from A-Z. Since one of the biggest factors in obtaining mortgage financing is credit, let's dive right in with information you need to know about credit, how credit scoring works and what you … (0 comments)