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Greetings Mortgage rates on the fixed side appear to be headed below 3.5% on a 5 yr fixed.  I have not seen this myself before, so, I am pretty sure this will be a record low.  The weakness in the stock market is the primary reason so many people are investing in BONDS, increasing the money suppl...
Greetings Hope you are having a fantastic summer.  Mixed news in the mortgage rate market.  With the Bank of Canada increasing prime by .25 of a percent, we saw prime to rise to 2.75% for most lenders.  That meant even discounted variable rates rose above 2%.  Best 3 yr variables start at 2.05% o...
Greetings Seems to be 2 types of people this year...folks with non stop vacations and those of us who will work work work through the summer.  Hard to say what is motivating so many to leave home every second possible...but I can make some guesses about why folks are staying at home. Its not real...
When people come to me for mortgage advice, its sometimes because bills have become harder and harder to manage.  Recent new articles show people are more likely to use coupons and discount stores during tight financial times, but is this really the best route to go? Here are a couple steps you c...
I have Tulips growing in my front garden and it is only Late February!!!  Not usual at all.  Fruit trees and shrubs may take the biggest hit, if a late frost occurs or a late winter blast.  Sad results in that case for sure.  The housing market has been hot as well.  Sunny days seem to bring out ...
  Purchasing a home is a major decision for most people; it represents the single largest purchase they will ever make.  So when it comes to qualifying for home financing, what should you know?  What is important to the bank?  Here are five questions to ask yourself: Capital - How much do you hav...
In todays economy. many families are suffering from reduced work hours, lay offs and reduced income opportunity in general (ie. stocks, GICs etc).  To make matters worse, consumer debt was on the rise prior to the recession and lower savings trends have not helped.  For families in these situatio...
Hope you all enjoy a nice holiday in the Sun.  See you down at Riversyde park for all the festivities.  My favorite are the samosas.  I have 3 kids and will be trying to manage naps, hunger, diapers etc... so we can all enjoy Canada Day.  But I am taking too much credit.  It is my wife who really...
What a market!  Dispite prevailing opinion that interest rates did not have much further to drop, we see lenders again and again drop rates on 5 year product to entice customers.  This is gratifying for me as a mortgage broker because I get to be the bearer of good news!  But how long can this be...
I know, I have said the B word.  Most realtors run when they hear those words and for good reason.  It means that in the past, someone was not responsible with money.  If you run, you will miss out on a fantastic opportunity.  Here is what I mean.  The client's which will praise you the loudest a...

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