debt: Saving money - 05/06/10 07:05 AM
When people come to me for mortgage advice, its sometimes because bills have become harder and harder to manage.  Recent new articles show people are more likely to use coupons and discount stores during tight financial times, but is this really the best route to go?
Here are a couple steps you can do to keep the wolves from the door:
1) review all credit card and bank purchases and see what you are spending your money on.  If you can, add up the purchases and divide them into categories to see what you spend your money on.  You may be … (0 comments)

debt: refinance or manage multiple bills??? - 08/04/09 03:49 PM
In todays economy. many families are suffering from reduced work hours, lay offs and reduced income opportunity in general (ie. stocks, GICs etc).  To make matters worse, consumer debt was on the rise prior to the recession and lower savings trends have not helped.  For families in these situations, they often have the choice between managing multiple monthly debt payments or refinancing and paying a penalty.
Having met many families trying to decide just that, I can say that the decision is never easy.  Paying a penalty for breaking the first mortgage contract, only to get a second bigger mortgage is … (0 comments)

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