sale: Stop the madness - 01/30/09 05:43 AM
Statistics prove one thing...whatever the writer wants them to prove.  Having watched the media abuse statistics to show "important" information, I have become desensitized to words like 3% change in price, 5% increase in forclosures, and the market is down 34% since Jan 24, 2007.  In a normal market, prices fluctuate based on inventory, economy and availability of new product.  A sell out of a new condo unit will spike sales for a particular day, in a particular part of town, for a particular period of time.  Similarly, a sell off of a high end home development due to forclosure will … (2 comments)

sale: Buying strategies in a declining value economy - 01/29/09 09:03 AM
Every financial planner will tell you to BUY ALL the time and your stock price will even its self out over time, but what about real estate?  How do you buy real estate if you think values may be lower tomorrow?  The answer is found in the 3 reasons people buy real estate.  People buy real estate as 1) a "hedge against inflation", 2) as an opportunity to capitalize on value appreciation and 3) personal use.  Notice that only one reason to buy is tied to value.  So here is how we bring attention to another reason to buy.
Personal Use:  … (0 comments)

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