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War can certainly disrupt our business, and one would hope that entering into such an endeavor would be well thought out before we get to sucked in to the situation:   Home About Us Contact Us Hoover Institution   Economics Education Energy Freedom Health Care Intl Relations National Security Pol...
Earth-quakes, tidal waves, nuke plant melt-downs, the mid-East and north Africa blowing up, etc. all makes for a rough market; and damn difficult to make informed decisions going forward, whether in business or ones personal life. Perhaps if we had some competent adults in the White House instead...
I have a client who made an acceptable cash offer on a "Fannie Mae" foreclosure the other day. The client submited a cashier's check of over 10% earnest money check. In addition to the normal agreement of sale, there was this "Bank Addendum" form we had to file, which we did. After the deal was a...
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  From RealClear Politics:   March 5, 2011 DC Spending, Financial Solvency & Economic Growth   By Larry Kudlow According to news reports, Team Obama and House Republicans are at least $50 billion apart in the budget negotiations for FY2011. I'm willing to bet that Team Obama and Senate Democrats ...
This could be bad: IBD Charts   Why Are We Still In Germany? By MARK STEYN Posted 03/04/2011 06:45 PM ET  View Enlarged Image According to Bismarck's best-known maxim on Europe's most troublesome region, the Balkans are not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier. Americans could be forg...
This is an interesting article: Homes & Rentals - Israelis eye low-risk U.S. real estate Office, multifamily properties targeted in less traditional locales click here to read all articles By Steve BergsmanInman NewsTM March 04, 2011 Back in the heady year of 2007, the amount of fore...

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