santa cruz properties: Santa Cruz Short Sales on the Rise - 12/01/09 10:35 AM
Over the last year we have seen both the Federal and State governments trying to stem the tide of property foreclosures via moratoriums and loan modification programs. This has resulted in slightly slowing down the escalating trend of home foreclosures. For the few that can qualify for a loan modification only 30% have been successful. Thus many of these failed loan modification homes end up being foreclosed upon.
Also as a result of these government and bank programs, we have seen a significant increase in Short Sales. Over the last six months we are averaging about 25 Short Sales a month. This is a result of … (1 comments)

santa cruz properties: Santa Cruz Market Segments - 11/11/09 09:49 AM
As we near the end of 2009, there are some trends that have developed in the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market. For example, the low-end of our market has been on fire. We are seeing multiple bids on homes priced less than $500k. This is a result of several different factors, first is the availability of loan programs thru FHA, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae, second is the First Time Buyers $8000 credit, lastly a steady volume of bank owned and short sale properties with low prices. As seen by the chart below we have more property pendings that available home inventory. Thus … (0 comments)

santa cruz properties: Santa Cruz Notice of Defaults - 11/05/09 04:46 AM
This is just a quick update on where we are with Notice of Defaults in the greater Santa Cruz area. As you can see by the graph below, Notice of Defaults have been bouncing between 150 and 200 month since the beginning of the year. Thus we have not seen a real improvement in the market. In the meantime, the shadow inventory that the banks are holding is continuing to grow.  So we are going to continue to see the impact of distressed properties on the market for some time to come. Hopefully we will see a downward trend in the Notice of Defaults next year … (0 comments)

santa cruz properties: Santa Cruz Beach Home Values - 07/15/09 05:36 AM
Santa Cruz Beach Home Values
Like most areas through out the United States, Santa Cruz real estate has had its fair share of lost value. However some areas in Santa Cruz County like the beach areas have not been hit as hard. For example the greater Watsonville and south county area has been hit a lot harder than the beach areas of Santa Cruz. This is due in part to the higher demand for beach properties and a scarcer inventory of beach homes. But another reason is that there are a lot less bank owned properties for sale in the … (0 comments)

santa cruz properties: Santa Cruz Bank Owned Homes and the Market - 06/10/09 12:03 PM
Santa Cruz Real Estate Market
Mid Year Forecast
Over the last few months, most experts have been predicting that the bottom of the Real Estate market will happen late 2009 or early 2010.  There are several things that have to happen if a recovery is to occur. First mortgage interest rates have to remain low. The lower end of the real estate market is currently being fueled by low interest rates that are allowing first time homebuyers and investors to pick up properties that are 40% to 50% off their market high prices. As I mentioned in my earlier … (1 comments)

santa cruz properties: Santa Cruz Home Inventory - 05/12/09 07:36 AM
Santa Cruz County Inventory
 May 12th 2009
These are interesting times in Santa Cruz County with regards to real estate. This is the time of year that Buyers get real active in finding the right property to purchase. Our high season for local real estate happens like the farming season for our fruits and vegetables, from May to September is our busiest time of the year. But this season we have a different pattern as compared to previous seasons.
 If you look at the graft below, you will see a snapshot of the housing inventory of Santa Cruz County and there … (0 comments)

santa cruz properties: Breakdown of Santa Cruz Home Sales - 03/05/09 09:33 AM
Most people would be surprised at the percent breakdown between Foreclosure Sales, Short Sales, REO, and regular Grand Deeds in Santa Cruz County. The graph below does a good job in showing what is really happening in our local real estate market. As you can see the majority of homes that closed last month are a result of the normal sale between a homeowner and a buyer via a Grant Deed. We also have a smaller number of Banked Owned Properties (REOs) in which the Bank had previously foreclosed on the property and is now selling the property on the … (0 comments)


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