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Many notable voices including the Wall Street Journal have labeled the real estate industry to be “dinosaur like” and out of date. That the front line managers are often technologically deficient and not knowledgeable enough of current marketing strategies that technology provides. The strategies...
I am musing about a past client who just emailed me and told me how helpful my guidance had been to them and how our exchanges  has grown their business. We never hear the good things that people think about us and we carry  forward the garbage. I feel so lucky that there are people out there tha...
A few years back the AFI (American Film institute) had a special naming the top 100 film quotes of all time. So many of these quotes have permeated our lingo, it occurred to me that some might relate as metaphors to our efforts in real estate recruiting. As an avid "old" movie fan  and someone wh...
What Don Corleone taught me about recruiting?   The Godfather movies added great thoughts and expressions into our culture and dialog. As I was thinking about recruiting, and the need to create compelling reasons to get agents to have conversations with you reflecting on the cultural icon Don Cor...
I was blownaway by  a double page ad in my local paper. A well kown real estate organization decided to boast about their great recrutiing results. Almost 1100 agents had joined them in 2009. If the truth be examined they would be sharing that 12 agents per office joined them or about one per mon...
The WSJ journal today had a great section on technology. It blew me away with the lead article, why email no longer rules. The real meat of the story was that  facebook and twitter  (et. al.)do a far better job pushing out the communication. On those sites you do not even need to respond to the s...
A major challenge today is that too many brokers are doing business with agents that are always busy and at the top ends of their split range. Doing business and paying out all of the company dollar makes no sense. Recruiting can fix it. But you must recruit the correct people. First of all with ...
After attending two recent industry conferences it shook me up to think that so many brokers were unaware of the details and true busienss drivers that they should have at their fingertips. To coach and drive business a manager must have the facts of what portions of their markets there are speci...
  In some markets there are really only a few companies. A company is made up of agents The individual agents are the real competition not the company as a whole The manager of the office and the leadership of that office are the competition you face; not the company as a whole don't be blind sid...
I have always had a philosophy that an agent leaves over management issues. A colleague of mine shared with me her dismay that several agents left her office this past week. The sad part was none of it was her fault but rather the fact the company leadership had tolerated a bad mangement situatio...

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