joliet: Halloween 2020 Tips, Tricks and Treats - 10/13/20 02:42 PM
Happy Halloween! 
This year Halloween falls on a Saturday which lends itself to more opportunities to party. Health experts caution that people should not attend crowded indoor costume parties or indoor haunted houses, attend hayrides or tractor rides. Stay safe this Halloween with these safety tips. 
1) Wear a mask! Not just the scary kind but one that covers nose and mouth. 
2) Stay outside. COVID transmission rates go up with prolonged indoor activities. 
3) If you're sick, STAY HOME and don't answer the door. Keep others safe by staying quarantined.
Trick Or Treat 2020 Hours
Plainfield - 4pm - 8pm
Aurora - 3pm - 7pm
Naperville - No official hours
Oswego … (1 comments)

joliet: Real Estate Market Update - 10/07/20 07:41 AM
September 2020 Market Update
In September 2020, the average sales price for all single family property types (single family, townhouse, condo) increased to $302,301 from $295,100 in August. The number of homes for sale and market times continue to decline. The number of home closings declined for the first month since May 2020 (120 closings) from the high in August (247 closings). The market continues to favor sellers as buyers scramble to find a home and beat out other buyers with frequent multiple offer situations. This is reflected in a 99.7% sale price to last list price ratio, indicating sellers are getting … (0 comments)

joliet: Search for Rental Homes - 04/22/14 04:51 AM
Rental Homes - Get A List of Homes For Rent Nextage Realty Solutions specializes in helping tenants find rental homes.  Our team of REALTORS and Leasing Agents are committed to helping clients find the perfect rental home.  Competition for rentals is fierce and you need someone on your side helping you to identify the newest and best rentals and taking action so you can get moved as easily as possible.
At Nextage, we believe that all clients are entitled to a safe, affordable home and we've created a system to help all of our clients find their next home. … (0 comments)

joliet: The Importance of Pre-qualification - 10/07/12 05:28 AM
The Importance of Pre-qualification
Getting pre-qualified before you start searching for a new home is very important. The first reason why you should get your credit and financial information checked by a qualified adviser is that you may learn that you qualify for more or less than you think. It will also uncover unknown credit issues which should be addressed prior to shopping for a new home.
Credit and Renting
Renters often overlook the importance of credit. Many of the best homes are listed in the Muliple Listing Service (MLS). REALTORS are involved in listing these homes for a fee … (1 comments)

joliet: Whatever Can Go Wrong, Probably Will Go Wrong - 03/01/12 02:49 AM
Whatever Can Go Wrong, Probably Will Go WrongShort Sale Pitfalls to Watch Out For Short Sales are still difficult to get closed.  Don't let anyone lie to you and tell you that they are easy.  They aren't as difficult as they used to be, but there is still a long way to go before every buyer should consider this type of real estate transaction.Case 1:  Buyer enters contract with seller.  Seller's attorney manages to get the seller's lender's approval.  They then wait 1 week to notify the buyer that the sale has been approved and that the closing must take place … (1 comments)

joliet: 7133 Foxview Dr, Joliet, IL 60431 - 3 Bedroom Home For Sale in Kearney Glen ~ Minooka Schools! - 11/23/11 08:42 AM
7133 Foxview Dr, Joliet, IL 60431 - 3 bedroom Home For Sale in Kearney Glen ~ Minooka Schools!MLS # 07949143Offered at $174,728This home for sale in Joliet features a brick front, 3 car garage, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths plus a loft and 2 gas fireplaces.  Located near the intersection of Black Road and County Line Road, the home is part of the Kearney Glen Subdivision in Kendall County, IL.  The home for sale is located at the north end of the subdivision near the Foxview Drive cul-de-sac.  Kearney Glen features landscaped, well lit entrance, a community fishing pond with pier and a large … (1 comments)

joliet: Separating "VALUE" from "SALEABILITY - 11/18/11 07:53 AM
Separating "VALUE" From "SALEABILITY" An error commonly made by sellers when pricing their homes is that they fail to distinguish value from saleability.  The value of a home references the factors related to the property to cause it to be worth more or less than other properties.  Saleability references the factors related to the property that cause it to be more or less salable than the competition.Some factors that create value are : Location, Location, Location.  If you're in a more desirable location, you'll get more money than a similar house in a less desirable location.  Examples of more desirable locations … (41 comments)

joliet: Renter's Bible - 8 Commandments for Tenants to smoothly find a Rental Home - 09/17/11 07:06 AM
Renter's Bible 8 Commandments for Renters A follow up to the popular Buyer's Bible.  This is for all the renters out there.  Keep these commandments close and you'll get to live where you want without paying an arm and a leg for it.I.  Thou shalt know thy credit and keep it clean.  One of the biggest factors considered by landlords is a potential tenants ability to pay.  This is most easily measured by credit score.  A FICO score over 600 should be desired by all but the fussiest landlords.  If you're under 500, find someone who won't pull credit to rent to you … (0 comments)

joliet: Buying a home? Consider using an ARM to Save LOTS of Money - 07/15/11 07:10 AM
Buying a Home?  Consider using an ARM To Save Lots of MoneyLast week, (July 11, 2011) the Wall Street Journal printed an article entitled "A Home is a Lousy Investment".  The basic premise was that $1 invested in a home in 1980 would have grown to $2.98 in 2010.  That same dollar in the Dow Jones would have grown to $11.49 in 2010.  At no point during the 30 year time period would the dollar invested in the home outperform the dollar in the stock market.  Does this mean you shouldn't buy a home?  NO.  But you do need to evaluate … (3 comments)

joliet: States Attempt to Stop Foreclosures & Foreclosure Update in Plainfield, Shorewood and Joliet, Illinois - 10/14/10 03:44 PM
Probe Continues as all 50 States Attempt to Stop ForeclosuresThe Chicago Tribune (10/14/10, page 27) reported today that President Obama would likely not take action to stop foreclosures.  The administration believes that the foreclosure moratorium that some banks have voluntarily undertaken will drive prices down more and delay the recovery of the real estate market if there were a nationwide suspension of foreclosures.  In September, 1 in 99 Plainfield homes received a foreclosure filing with 208 homes receiving notice.  This represents a decline in foreclosure activity as there were 266 Plainfield foreclosures in July and 243 in August.  The average price … (2 comments)

joliet: Foreclosure Freeze May Expand to More Lenders - Effects of the Foreclosure Freeze - 10/12/10 02:41 AM
Foreclosure Freeze May Expand to More Lenders10/12/10Up to 40 states may begin investigating the foreclosure practices of many banks.  This will add pressure to many more banks to follow Bank of America's lead on declaring a foreclosure moratorium.  JP Morgan Chase and Ally Bank have also suspended foreclosures. There is no timetable currently for the bank to resume foreclosures.  Wells Fargo reportedly will not suspend foreclosures.  The moratorium on foreclosures will give many distressed homeowners an opportunity to sell their homes via short sale as they may be allowed more time to market the home.  Also, banks like BoA may be … (3 comments)

joliet: Super Sunday Open Houses In Shorewood & Joliet for Oct 10th, 2010 - 10/04/10 03:06 PM

        Super Sunday Open Houses in Shorewood & Joliet
Sunday October 10th from 12-3pm
McColly Real Estate's Super Sunday Open house will pay $1,000 to one lucky open house attendee.  Contest rules can be found at or see agent for details.  Just attend any McColly open house to register.

Homes for sale in Shorewood and Joliet that will be open for viewing are:

1202 Country Drive, Shorewood.  Located just west of River Road between Black and Jefferson, this 2480 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home features a .51 acre lot.  The backyard is fantastic with … (0 comments)

joliet: For Sale by Owner HELP in Joliet, IL - 09/06/10 05:32 AM
For Sale by Owner in Joliet, IL?
Selling your home is a big decision.  You need to find the right price, maximize your investment in marketing, manage showings, paperwork and more.  Its a big job that many people leave to the professionals.  But for many people, the opportunity to save that brokerage fee drives them to do-it-yourself real estate. 
Most for sale by owners in Joliet run down to their local hardware store and buy a FOR SALE sign to stick in the yard.  They take out an add in the local paper.  Some spend hours searching the internet for inexpensive … (2 comments)

joliet: Get Started with McColly Real Estate Classes - 08/16/10 05:35 AM
McColly School of Real Estate Classes Save $100!
McColly Real Estate, a Leading Real Estate Company of the World, offers real estate classes from its offices located throughout Chicago Southland and NW Indiana. 
Real estate is a rewarding career that offers opportunities for both high income and personal freedom.  REALTORS are independent contractors who are able to set their own schedule and make as much money as they want to.  The recent real estate market has reduced the number of REALTORS, creating an opportunity for new salespeople to step in and be successful.  Full time REALTORS had a median income of … (0 comments)