plainfield illinois: Plainfield Home Values August 2020 - 09/09/20 12:05 PM
Plainfield Home Statistics August 2020
Home Prices are Up (vs August 2019)
Average Sales Price - $295,657 (+7.4% )
Median Sales Price - $265,000 (+6%)
Home prices are poised to keep rising as interest rates remain near historic lows. Buyer demand doesn't seem to be impacted by employment numbers. 
Inventory is Down
Homes for Sale - 222 (-58.7%)
Closed Sales - 246 (+36.7%)
There's intense competition from buyers as sales are up while the number of homes for sale is down.
Market Time is Shorter (mostly)
Average Market Time - 69 days (+64%)
Median Market Time - 11 days (-42.1%)
50% of sellers sell in less than 11 days while 50% sell in … (0 comments)

plainfield illinois: Firefighter Discounts Real Estate Program - 12/16/15 01:32 AM
Firefighter Discounts Real Estate Program - SAVES FIREFIGHTERS THOUSANDS New Firefighter Discounts Program comes to Plainfield Fire Department and Joliet Fire Department to help Firefighters find Hidden Profits in their Homes! Firefighters now have a better option for selling their homes thanks to Steve Roake and Homes for Heroes®. Firefighters buying a home get more for their money! Homes for Heroes® makes a positive impact in Firefighters lives and wallets. Giving back to those who give the most is what we do.
Homes for Heroes® is for Firefighters (and Veterans, Teachers, Polcie and Medical Professionals) and is the largest program of it's kind in the country. In fact, over … (0 comments)

plainfield illinois: Woohoo! I got a call from someone who read my Blog - 07/24/10 03:47 AM
I took a call while I was at a closing yesterday (a month after it was supposed to close, another WOOHOO!) and it was a man named Mike who had read my blog about frustrated sellers in Plainfield.  He had made an offer on a short sale and the seller's bank was PNC.  Apparently, he was searching for information on how PNC was to work with and came across my blog.  He wanted to know how long to expect the process to take.  Not sure why he didn't call his agent, but he said before he hung up that if it didn't … (4 comments)

plainfield illinois: Plainfield Chiropractic - Quality Chiropractic Care in Plainfield, IL - 05/18/10 04:11 AM
Plainfield Chiropractic is conveniently located at the west end of downtown Plainfield at 15104 South James Street, Plainfield, IL.  Dr. Joseph Conklin established Plainfield Chiropractic in 1978 as the first office chiropractic office in Plainfiedl.  The current office location was established in 1990.
Chiropractic care enables patients to feel better by relieving pressure on the spine caused by misalignment. Chiropractic improves overall health by helping the body operate more efficiently and fight infection and disease without medication.  Patients of chiropractic report having more energy, sleeping better and having fewer or less intense illness and allergy symptoms.  Many patients with back pain may also … (0 comments)